15 Things You’ll Relate To If Your Best Friend Is Super Rich


We all have that one friend in our gang, who’s Dad is super duper rich. Asal veellatho unte, life lo ekkada leni adventures anni cheyochu. Ee mathram gap lekunda, urgent ga ento chusedham.

P.S: This is in no regards to disrespect any actor. Take it on a very lighter note and only for fun. We like Bellam Babu. #BleedBellam


1. Half the year, you and your rich friend are always either on a trip or chilling


2. Your friend has all the newly launched cars in his garage


3. You never worry about money, and try out weird stuff like this in new places. #ThugLife


4. He VLOGs everything he does, and posts on Social media. #NaaIshtam


5. Flirts with every girl he sees #MyDadIsRich


6. Always in the middle of every gang, because #MoneyBruhMoney.


7. Photoshops himself into random places. #OdiyammaIdhendhayyaIdhi


8. Never afraid of getting into fights, because #MaaThathaMLA


9. Sometimes he feels like he is the Bruce Wayne (Batman). #RIPBatmanFans


10. Not just Batman, Baahubali also #IkaMaVallaKadhuDora


11. He has so much money that he can fly on water #_/\_


12. Won’t walk in Malls. #NenNadava


13. He is basically in Chill Thatha mood 24/7. #YoMyaan


14. Forget vehicles, he even rides bulls #ThisIsGettingOutofHands


15. But at the end, this is what you do to him , #PutDongaNaamalu and escape.


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