Meet The Super Cop’s Of Asifabad Who Are Bridging The Gap’s In Education For The Students Of Their District!


The police department of Kumaram Bheem Asifabad is receiving well deserved praises and applause for their contribution towards the welfare of the district. Ideally, the police department is responsible for the protection of people and enforcing the law but the police in this district are also helping the society with their share of own good work. They are literally bridging the gaps in educations and helping the students “reach school safely”.

Going to school is a tougher task than any other for students belonging to “Kumram Bheem Asifabad”. The students who hail from the remote parts of the district have to face difficult challenges like wading through the stream just to attend school. Because of crossing the currents manually they get wet during the monsoons and are sometimes diagnosed with diseases. These brave students are risking their lives just to attend school. So the students are forced to drop out of school because of the lack of bridges and bad infrastructure as they face the risk of getting washed away with the current when the rainwater flow increases.

The police have taken a great initiative and built a culvert across the Kotthimeera vagu using pipes. This has created a great impact and around 50 students from Jendagudam in Kotthimeera village can now be present for the classes regularly. Superintendent of Police Sunpreet Singh was deeply affected by the hardships that the students are going through just to go to school and asked Dahegaon Sub-Inspector Deekonda Ramesh to build bridges so as to help these children attend school and decrease the dropout rates.

A teacher from Kotthimeera government school said that this initiative has increased the attendance percentage of the students, these are indicators of betterment. The police here are superheroes even for the farmers of Mannegudem, Bebra and Kotthimeera as they can now easily reach their fields.



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