Ammayilu, Abbayilu Here Are 9 Tips To Protect Your Skin From Summer Heat

Contributed By Divya Vattikuti

Skin care ante manaki kaadu ani venakki vellipovaddhu abbayilu. Ammayilaina, abbayilaina we need to take minimum care of our skin. Lekapothe adhi mana maata vinadhu. Asale summer, oka pakka vedi, maro pakka corona,  mask pettukokunda bayataku vellakudadhu, kaani mask pettukoni aa sweat ni tattukolemu.

There are lot of chances for skin damage and breakout because of heat. So check out this easy peasy skin care routine to keep your skin fresh and alive.

1. Facewash

Washing your face is the first step to keep your skin clean. Intlone unna kuda wash your face atleast twice with a mild facewash/soap.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for your skin be it summer or any season. Again sunscreen is must indoors lo unna kuda, because sunscreen keeps your skin protected from UV rays. Also SPF value minimum 30 unna sunscreen vaadatam Is best. Remember sunscreen valla fair avvamu. It just protects our skin from UV Rays.

3. Hydrate yourself.

Chug chug chug. Drink lots of water. Temperature almost 40 degrees cross chestunna ee times lo, it is so important to drink enough water. Water keeps you hydrated and also keeps your skin fresh.

4. Moisturize

Summer kaabatti don’t go for Oily Moisturizer. Edhaina light and fast absorbing moisturizer select chesukovadam is the best option. Why moisturizer ani adigithe, it is to prevent your skin from becoming dry.

5. Tan removal

It is normal to get tanned in summers. Kaani you need to spend some time to remove this tan. Intlo unde pasupu, lemon use chesi de-tan face packs chesukovochu. Skin meeda apply chesi oka 30 minutes tarvatha wash chesthe, you can see some decent results of tan removal. You can also go for tan removal creams available on market.

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6. Feet care

Skin ante just face okkate kaadhu kadandi. You need to take some care of your feet too. Usual ga summers lo paadhala deggara ekkuva dry dead skin undi poye chance untadhi. So every 10 days ki okasari intlone foot scrub and file tho pedicure chesukovadam is recommended.

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7. Under eye cream and Lip balm

Winters lone kaadandi summer lo kuda lip balm is a must. No one wants chapped and dry lips. Also staying hydrated is another important habit to keep your lips soft and smooth. Ee work from home valla mana screen time has increased a lot. So using an under eye cream is a must if you have dark circles.

8. Prefer breathable fabrics

Don’t go for too heavy or dark clothes. Cotton clothes are much preferred. Meeku comfortable unde fabrics maatrame choose chesukondi ee summer lo. Also if you are going out, don’t prefer black unless it is necessary.

Eating proper food and staying hydrated is the most important thing of all to keep your skin healthy and fresh during this summer.

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