9 Summer Tips That’ll Help You Stay Beautiful!

• All the sweat will disturb your hair big time, Right?

Hack: Try “Buns” pile up the entire hair make a bun merge those baby hairs with some serum, that’s better than using hair spray. Fish tale braids also help from the irritability of hair getting wet. Keep it messy, simple.

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• Parties? Matte Lipsticks and all? Lipsticks and lip balms make your Lips dry after a while, they all have that element, why? Ante vallu kuda business cheskovali ga mari, point enti ante..
Chinna size addiction la thayaru avuthundi..

Hack: take some coconut oil add Some Pomegranate crushed juice or Beetroot juice store it in the fridge(Do not put it in deep freezer) you are ready to use.

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• Winter leaves you with lot of dandruff, How to get rid of it?

Hack: koncham vodka teskoni to mention one shot and again half of it, just wet your scalp wait for a minute and now use a mild shampoo diluting with little water and wash it off, yes heard me right. This will work better than Yogurt with lime juice, when vodka isn’t available you can go with this any day.

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• Tanning, Biggest problem kada?

Hack: Vodka is also useful as an astringent koncham cotton teskoni face clean chesthe khatam,
Ee vodka lu avi evi mana valla kadu anukunte, Tomato or Potato slices are the best… calm ga mummy pooja lo unnapudu attack!

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• Try to avoid jeans, why? Blood circulate avvala odda? Paiga sweat irritability Hufff..

Hack: Hayiga Patiyala kurtha .. ahh ahh trend marindi guru garu.. patiyala badulu try Pallazos, it’s elegant and goes for office purpose also parties, temples… like everywhere..

Mast offers unnayi … swiping start cheseyandi anthe!

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• Beverages with caffeine dehydrate you more! Telisina nijam ayina sare ade tagutham..

Hack : maximum avoid cheyandi, start your day with warm “Green tea” tharwatha you can prefer strawberry Ice tea or Cranberry, Lychees too actually they are the best ontlo unna vedi antha lagesthundi, also Lemon juice(not soda) with sabja seeds anniti kante best kobbari nillu.
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• Eyeliner might get spoilt because of sweat..

Hack: Take little kajal on your ponter finger and smudge it off on eye lid. Ah, that’ll make you look hotter.
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• We can’t spend all our money on Body washes, right? Yet we want our skin to be radiant and fresh.

Hack: Aloe vera best thing for refreshing skin. How to make it easy ? Take a stem and cut it pull all the gel inside, ice cube tray lo vesi freeze it up and use it.

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• Skin Protection + Skin Tanning prevention. How?

Hack: Moisturizer + Sunscreen is a must. Nivea makes this job easy.

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Don’t take summer easy and this article too! :p

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