Chai Bisket Presents ‘Suddapappu Avakai 2’ – A Funny Take On Honest Dates!


“Everyone of us has an inner voice. This inner voice is always subdued. What if you could hear this voice..” Yaaaees.. manalo oka antharaathma daagi undi, daanikantu oka voice unte ..ela utnadhi? Well, ee crazy thought tho ochina idea ne ‘Suddapappu Avakai‘. Before you watch our latest episode, you gotta watch our previous episode to clearly understand what we are talking about:

Here’s our first video – Suddapappu Avakai – Honest Interview:



Recently, maa Girl Formula lo kuda oka ammai ki thana antharaathma ‘Date Dilemma’ appudu salahaalu soochanalu ivvadam jarigindi.. Adhi kuda chuudali meeru.. (Sambandham undhi…)



Finished watching both?
Yay.. now….. It’s time to see the combination of both: Our Suddapappu, his antharaathma going on a honest date with the same girl who was on a dilemma and took suggestions from her antharaathma. Inka aalasyam cheyakunda chuseyandi, our Suddapappu Avakai 2 – Honest Date:



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