11 Essential Things Every Student Must Know Before Heading Abroad For Higher Studies!


Masters in abroad is something which most of the students are planning now a days. It is not simple thing as we have to fly to a whole different country and make sure to adopt to whole new culture. Its not like a simple domestic travel to just pack and go. There are lot of things one need to be sure of before travelling abroad for studies. From travel documents to health insurance there are a lot travel checklists for an overseas travel. Without wasting any time let’s go directly into our international travel tips, checklists and more..

1. An expense book: First before you travel abroad you need to seriously have a book written with all the expenses that are going to come our way in the process. You are living away from home that too in a whole different country. You should keep a check on your expenses. It should also include all the travel checklists and information about what you are carrying, important contact numbers too.


2. Documentation : Passport because that is the main thing one should take care of before traveling abroad. Your score cards (IELTS,GRE) to whichever universities you’re applying, your college degree, Pre-College letter (CAS,UCAS letters) and other important certificates. Keep as many xerox copies as possible, just in case for a backup.


3. Health checkup: Certain countries do have a specific vaccination process, so make sure you do it before you travel because that is the major document you will need during visa. Also, if you are planning to carry any medicines, a prescription and a valid letter from a doctor must be carried. You are also advised to take Travel and health insurance for a month.


4. Loan : Bank comes in the story if you are taking up a loan and that is the best thing you can do because all the fee transactions and accommodation transactions will take place through bank. Incase you want to take a bank loan, all you need is PAN card, Aadhar card, your property documents, university letter. After proper checking of documents, you will be sanctioned with a bank loan.


5. Visa: Once you are done with your bank loan or your own savings, you have to wait for 28 days to get through the visa application and make sure you have the right proper bank statement of proof showing your 28 days validity (VERY IMPORTANT). Book an appointment in your nearest places (VFS is the Visa center) and prepare for formal basic questions about your interview like your degree level, what is degree about and why. You should be familiar with all of this.. and keep practicing the same answers again and again with your friends or someone at home so that you won’t feel nervous and also don’t make it obvious for him that you are just nervous and blabbering.. say it whatever you can with confidence and be formal.

(Pro tip: Put a smile and answer right)


6. Fast Track Visa : Visa generally takes a lot of time so make sure you have 75 Thousand rupees ready with you. As the application cost varies and the health insurance is also included in it. It is advisable to go for a Fast track visa which costs you extra (17 thousand approx) if you are running late. Otherwise basic stay with the basic one. Once these documents are set and your Visa is ready to go, all you have to do is book your tickets as soon as possible so that you can get tickets at a cheaper price.
(Advice: travel a week before your college day, it’s going to be fun and you get to settle down with jet lag)


7.Travel Plan: Country you are going is a different place altogether. So make sure you take up all the essentials required for your flight(long hour flights sucks, so make sure you are hydrated enough for the flight).. Cross check all the documents twice before you fly. Few countries ask for Transit visa if you have to pass through that country. The embassy people will give you necessary info regarding that.


8. Currency: Currency conversion is most important thing we should know about. Many of Indian banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI etc offer “Travel cards” through which you could do the transactions abroad. They will charge a little amount for transaction charges. Few travel cards we could use in any country. So a better research will indeed help you if you planning to travel different countries in future.


9. Baggage: Make sure you don’t exceed the baggage limit of the airlines.It’s absolutely important to check the luggage size allowed or else specially like American airlines even measure wheel in lengths …. So should be perfect. Attach your Passport and Address proof to every bag, as it is useful if baggage is lost. Don’t carry any white powdered substances like salt or sugar as they might trouble you at security check. And it is always advisable to carry a pair of extra clothes in the cabin bag.

10. Travel Safety Tips: Avoid long sleeps during flight as this will make us feel drained and the effect will remain for two days so just make sure you are sticking to new country timings and you are ready to go. Prepare yourself physically and mentally to adopt to the new conditions. There are specific consultancies like IMFS which will organize culture training programs to prepare yourself before you leave.

Flight nausea tip: Just keep massaging your left hand wrist between the bridges and the nausea is gone.


And finally, the most important tip:

11.Fly with memories: Carry pictures of your loved ones as they make you feel close home.


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