Here’s How GHMC Is Transforming The Streets Of Hyderabad With Unique “Street Furniture”!


Our streets are usually filled with ghutka/pan-parag marks and seem too dirty, but this is all set to change. A project undertaken by “Bamboo House India” in association with GHMC will showcase glass waste cubes recycled from scrap, filled with tetra packs and empty soft drink cans. This project labeled ‘Street Furniture’ is planning to serve street themed furniture to the residents of Hyderabad.

This entire collection as a part of the project will be showcased at the highly anticipated event, Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), which will be held in Hyderabad from November 28 to 30. The project is, in fact, planning to make proper use of this furniture by, installing them at public places and putting them to functional use at public places all across the city.

The artists also made sure that they have used the right materials, such as metal anglers and 8mm toughened glass, just so that the glass cubes do not get broken or damaged. Apart from just tetra packs and empty soft drink cans, the cubes were also filled with empty chips packets, covers, beer cans, pet bottles, and some other dry waste.
The company (The Bamboo House India) also said that GHMC sanitation department helped them as a team, collecting and segregating waste that helped them in making the furniture.

Prashant Lingam, one of the founders of the company said that “The entire venue of the GES is being decorated with scrap and recycled material in tune with Swachh Bharat Mission. This initiative is being supported by GHMC West Zone Zonal Commissioner Hari Chandana Dasari,”.

He also hopes that “The cubes send a signal to the citizens of the city about the urgent need to reuse and recycle”.

The same company once made furniture chairs just made out of waste tiles. They also once organized an event at Shilparamam, Madhapur called, ‘Give and Share’. And they have once built a “bus-stop” entirely on their own using plastic bottles at Uppal.


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