Here’s All You Need To Know About GHMC’s Noble Idea Of Dog Adoption Centre To Provide Shelter For Street Dogs!


Dogs are good. Pet dogs are nicer. But street dogs these days have become a major issue. After receiving a lot of complaints regarding the street dog menace, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has come up with the innovative idea of providing homes to these stray dogs. The idea is to send these dogs to adoption after proper vaccination and thereby reducing the number of menaces that are caused by them. GHMC has launched this program and already succeeded in finding a caring home for five dogs in Jeedimetla. According to an estimate, over six lakh street dogs will be undergoing sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination. After providing shelter for 10 days in dog ponds, the street dogs will be released back in the same area from where they are picked up.

Despite all these measures, complaints of street dog menace kept pouring in from different areas in the city on a regular basis. The GHMC officials attribute this mainly to lack of infrastructure and measures in controlling the street dog population in fringe areas of the city.

The dogs on offer for adoption are the ones that have been vaccinated and sterilized by the veterinary wing of the civic body and ready to be taken home. By providing a home, citizens not only ensure that the dogs get a caring shelter but also reduce the number of dogs on streets and thereby the menace can also be decreased. Those interested in adopting the street dogs can approach the veterinary officials in their respective areas. Necessary details are available on the GHMC website


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