9 Simple Hacks That Will Keep You From Falling Asleep At Work, Without Resorting To Coffee!

Need a break? Try coffee. Feeling drowsy? Try coffee. Can’t get any new Ideas? Try coffee. Coffee is known as the one-stop fix for many of life’s problems. A coffee can give you that jolt of energy that you need to begin your day on a high note. However, some get so attached to coffee that they cannot seem to function without their shot of caffeine. Needless to say this has several detrimental effects that can totally ruin your health.
People often mistake working longer hours to mean working hard. This disturbs your sleep cycle drastically. Sometimes you may find yourself unintentionally dozing off at odd times. This is when most people rely on caffeine to jolt them back to consciousness. However, there are a myriad of options available instead of same old coffee. These things are guaranteed not to ruin your health while at the same time helping you increase your productivity at work.
So, here’s the list of caffeine free things to do to stay awake at any place.
1. Brisk Walk:
Studies suggest that a short brisk walk for about 5-10 mins will help your energy levels and also decrease fatigue.
2. Music:
Listening to upbeat and cheerful music helps you improve your attentiveness and maintain your energy levels.
3. Eat:
Eating food like apples and any other healthy foods helps you decrease tiredness and instantly increases your energy levels.
4. Stay Hydrated:
A research states that even loss of 1-2% of body water results in fatigue, confusion and restlessness.
5. Chew Gum:
Yes you heard it right, chewing gum helps you stay active and concentrate more on what you are working. It also reduces your anxiety levels.
6. Breathe:
Breathe deeply and walk away from your place to any open place, breathe in some fresh air. Better Air circulation helps you get away from dizziness and controls your sleep.
7. Brighten up:
If your work station or study area has enough light then you need not run around for that mini cup of caffeine.
8. Work your Ears:
When your ears are functioning actively, your mind releases hormones that help you stay awake. Call up a friend or talk to someone for a few minutes and voila! You’re all set.
9. Wash your face:
This is a last remedy and makes you attentive for only a short span. Try washing off your dizziness with mildly heated water.
And when everything fails, ditch what you’re doing and head on to a quick power nap for a little while.

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