Here’s How You Can Have A Fun Filled Weekend In “Gandikota” The Grand Canyon Of India!


Weekend, aa peru vintene manaki oka teliyani relief. Workload tho full freeze ayipoyina brain refresh avvataniki aa week mottham edo oka manchi outing plan cheddam anukuntam. Kani we end up going to a mall or a movie. Manchi planning lekano, leda plan chese vallu lekano we drop of going for long drives. First of all Hyderabad chuttu emunnai ani kuda telidu. Research chese time asalke undadu. Manalanti valla kosame kondaru meet ups ani okati online lo run chestunaru. Fortunately that came across on newsfeed. That is how we got to know about this beautiful place “GANDIKOTA” – The Grand Canyon of India which is about 400kms from Hyderabad. This is a good destination to go for a long drive during weekends.


6am-Hyderabad :-

Pack your things for two days as Gandikota offers you some good scenic views in the night time as well. Start early in the morning so that you could cover up more places on the way to Gandikota. For lone travellers, this place gives you a good space to refresh your minds. For people travelling in a group, it gives you good memories to add it your memory list. Travelling by car or bike is a good thing so that you could stop and enjoy the scenic beauties.

11am-Yaganti :-

Yaganti is religious place which is about 350 kms from Hyderabad. Lying in the midst of mountains this place has lot of history. Ikkada we have a small pond (koneru), danilo unde water is so pure as it comes from mountains. Aa pond pakkane we have Nandi, water flow mottam aa nandi pai nundi vastundi. We can chill out in it till we get tired. Aa pakkane unna Annadhana satram lo you can have a delicious lunch. Have something before visiting temple because it is not that easy to climb up those steps.

Yaganti lo there are almost 4 temples. Pakka pakkane unna chala steps ekkali. Andulo main di Sivaparvathulu swayambu ga velisina temple. Akada unde Nandi year year ki perugutu untundi anta. Brahmam gari kala gnanam prakaram bhoomi antham aye time ki adi jivam posukuntundi anta. Danitho patu pakkam inko three temples unnai. After covering all those temples you might get tired. If needed try some pongadalu(Gunta Punukulu) which are available in the stores near the temple.
You could go on to the top of the hill by road to have a aerial view of the temple. The sunset from here is quite amazing. There is also a fort nearby which you probably can go and have some clicks because its our “ARUNDATHI” fort.


It won’t take more than two hours from Yaganti to reach Gandikota. Jammalamadugu is nearby town where you could pack some food for dinner. Or some of the villagers in Gandikota will also cook dinner if priorly intimated. A big fort walls welcomes you to the village. Since its night you wont be able to see much. The scenic view and the beautiful plains will amaze you while travelling. This village has forts, temples, godowns and many other ruins.

9pm-Night Camping and Star Gazing:-

Choose some best spot for the night camping. There are lot of plain lands and ruins where you can camp. AP Tourism has also set up Haritha Resorts there for a better stay. Have dinner and set your camp tents. The villagers will help you finding the right spot and also in setting up a campfire.

Gandikota, far away from cities is a less polluted region. Not just some good historic places or scenic views but also it has something more to offer. Star gazing. Look up straight into the sky and you can see billions of stars looking back at you. This will be one of the unforgettable memories you ll ever have.


6am-The Grand Canyon:-

Wake up early in the morning to witness the sunrise and amazing land scape. You can’t even believe night antha intha beautiful place madyalo unnama ani. Ala munduku velte you ll come across the view of the great grand canyon of India. River Penna passing between the mountains giving us some good rock structures. You can trek down to the river passing down. Daarilo manaki seethaphal chetlu kuda untayi. Try it, they are damn tasty. There are also many ruins present in Gandikota. The temples here resembles like that of one in Hampi. There is also a mini charminar here.

12pm-Belum Caves:-

Belum caves is an hour journey from Gandikota. These caves are one of the longest caves in Asia. These caves, which get their name from the Sanskrit word bilum (hole), were formed by the action of water flowing on limestone deposits over millions of years, forming stalactites, stalagmites, siphons, sink holes, and water galleries. Belum Caves have a length of 3,229 m (10,593.8 ft), making them the second largest natural caves on the Indian Subcontinent. It will take almost 2-3 hours to cover complete structures in the caves.

4pm-Start Back to Hyderabad:-

Belum caves is pretty developed. You can have a good food there or you can also visit military hotels in Bethamcharla for some good non vegetarian food. While returning back you ll find Awuku reservoir where you can have some good pictures and enjoy the sunset. We can get back to Hyderabad by 9pm bagging a lot of memories and unforgettable experiences.

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