The Most Beloved TV Show Of Women, ‘Star Mahila’ Ends Today After 12 Years


Suma Kanakala – The best anchor in the Telugu industry without any doubt. Chala years nunchi she has been entertaining us on Television and also on the stage. Oka Kerala born host, Telugu industry lo intha credibility, Telugu illalo intha prema sampadincharu ante, it is definitely her hard work and charisma which has brought her till here.


Suma garu mana chinnappatnunchi ippativaraku as an anchor ga enno shows chesaru. Andhulo one of the best shows till date ‘Star Mahila’. Eppudo 2008 lo start aina ee show, ippativaraku without break ETV lo vastundhi ante, it is something which is very very rare to happen. ‘Mahilalu Maharaanulu’ etc ani madhyalo perulu maarina sare, ee show ladies ki provide chesina fun mathram ekkada thaggaledhu.


‘Star Mahila’ has also got into the ‘Limca book of records’ for being the longest run TV show with a single host in the whole country. Till date, the show has completed more than 3100 episodes.


Four months back, Suma garu through Youtube oka announcement icharu. She said that they had planned to bring the show to a halt after a successful running of 12 long years.


Today is the last day of ‘Star Mahila‘. Every episode is filled with special guests right from Suma garu’s family, best friend to the celebrities from ETV.

Take a look at both the promos released.



Ladies ni inni days, sorry years entertain chesina oka show ikapainunchi radhu ante, it is definitely an emotional moment for all the ladies of the Telugu states. Suma garu ilanti marenno blockbuster shows cheyyalani korukuntunnam…


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