Even After 13 Years, Here’s Why ‘Surya S/o Krishnan’ Will Always Be A Special Film


If you ask any movie lover if he loves the movie ‘Surya S/O Krishnan’, The answer would definitely be a YES. For many guys, it is not just a movie, they refer it as a new age classic. Generally, we see movies in which the protagonist portrays a phase of life. Surya S/o Krishnan is a movie where we have witnessed every phase that a man undergoes in his life. It is Gautham Menon’s one of the best works till date.


A dad’s love

Generally, Oka father thana love story ni thana pillalaki chepthadu. But ee movie lo Amma chepthundhi. Krishnan and Malini’s love journey with ‘Monna Kanipinchavu’ song is the perfect retro love story we have seen in our generation.


Surya – The teenage boy

School-age lo oka abbayi elanti panulu chesthadu, Valla nanna vadni ela penchuthadu, Vadiki etuvanti support isthadu anedhi entho beautiful ga chupistharu Gautham Menon. No father says his kid to go and fight with a guy for his girlfriend. Aaroju Krishnan Surya ki ala cheppakapoyi undunte, Surya ki life lo ey pan cheyyadaniki aina antha dhairyam vachedi kadhu emo…

Surya college lo join avthunnapudu kuda krishnan surya pocket lo pen petti ‘Letter rayi, rojuu rayi… Nothing is beautiful than a letter. Oka 10 years taravatha chaduvukodaniki bavuntundhi’ antadu. That says the beautiful bond that this father & son share.


Surya – The Engineering Student

Thana final year exams aipoinappudu, on the way back to his home, Surya meets Meghana. Frankly speaking, manaki anipinchochu, train lo ammayini chudadam enti? Aa ammayi anthala nacheyadam enti? ani… But, Surya oka mata chepthadu ‘Prapancham lo ninnu minchina andham ledhu anukunnanu Ammaa, kanipinchindhi’ ani. Oka ammayi ni thana Amma tho oka abbayi polchadu ante, that is definitely love.

Thana responsibilities and family problems okkasari theeripoyaka, Krishnan asks his son to go to America and find his love. This is one of the best elements in the movie. Krishnan knows that Surya met Meghana just twice but thana koduku love ki, feelings ki antha value isthadu.


Surya – The love failure

Antha dooram thana love kosam velli, just after his girlfriend accepts his love, Tragedy strikes Surya. He loses Meghana in a bomb blast. He is left with nothing. On his way back to India, he meets a man named Shankar Narayanan who gives him the confidence to move on. Em chesina sare, thana badha thaggadhu… He tries to escape from reality, thaaguthadu, drugs theeskuntadu, drug addict aipothadu.

During all this phase, his father will be with him but he never says a word to him. Krishnan tries to bring his son back to normal. He hands over a backpack to his son and asks him to go and find himself back. He knows that his son is gonna go nowhere and he will return soon.


The phase of rehabilitation

Surya travels to find himself back. He goes to north India(Kashmir specifically), meets new people and tries living a completely different lifestyle. Then he sees a news that Shankar Narayanan’s 5-year-old son is missing. He goes to Delhi just to help Shankar Narayanan’s find his son. Vallatho untadu, police lu chesevi anni gamanisthadu. Endhuko police lu antha serious ga leru anipinchi, he himself goes to find the 5-year-old kid.

Surya knows nothing about the city and the risk that is involved in the case. Andarithonu matladathadu, mellaga anni thelusukuntadu, konni leads dorukuthayi, ala finally, he risks his own life to find the kid and indirectly he finds himself back.


Can love happen twice?

Surya decides to join the Army. Everyone eventually is happy with his decision. Idantha jaruguthunnapude, gradual ga oka love track start avtundhi. Oka abbayi perspective lo, Surya’s and Meghana’s love story is all of our’s favorite. kani, ee second love story kuda, It is as beautiful and deep as the first one but in a girl’s perspective. Priya loves Surya right from childhood but never expresses it to him. When Surya says about Meghana in his home, even though she feels sad initially, She will be happy for Surya.

First love story lo ‘Oka abbayi, thana love kosam entha dooram aina velthadu ani chupisthe, Second love story lo Oka ammayi, thana love kosam enni rojulaina wait chestundhi’ ani chupistharu Gautham Menon. That for me is the best element in this film.


Final stage of Krishnan

Krishnan ki oka chronic disease untundhi. Though he knows that he is in the last stage of his life, He is a happy man playing with his grandson and having beautiful moments with the love of his life. He happily departs. Amongst all this, Surya will be in the middle of a huge rescue mission.He gets a call that his father passed away. Even then, he doesn’t abort the mission. Actually manaki story antha kuda Surya valla dad tho matladuthunnatu bits of flashback la chupistharu.

The whole movie will just be like ‘Surya is writing a beautiful letter to his dad Krishnan about his lifelong relationship with him’.


Harris Jayaraj’s music for this movie is one of the best works in his career. All the three female leads and Suriya are just perfect to the T on screen. Thank you Gautham Menon sir for this gem of a film.

Surya S/O Krishnan is not just film, It is life narrated in a spectacular fashion.


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