If You’re A Smoker, SS Rajamouli’s Powerful Call To Quit Will Make You Kick The Habit!

Smoking is pretty dangerous to your health. I’m stating the obvious: everyone knows it. Heck, they issue gory images on cigarette packs, but it doesn’t affect us. We go on doing it, as if the graphics are a joke meant for entertainment.
We need a wake-up call to make us quit, and this video just about serves as one. Kudos to Rajamouli garu for being a part of this good cause. Do watch and share with your smoker friends too!
P.S: I’m an occasional smoker myself but I’m on my way towards stubbing the butt. Forever. 🙂


It's time to #FightSmoking and be the hero of your life. Join the fight against one of the biggest evils with American Oncology Institute and me!!!

Posted by SS Rajamouli on Rum headache day, Novembarrr 1, 2015

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