Here’s The Actual Reason Why Sriharikota Was Chosen As ISRO’s Rocket Launch Site!


Sriharikota, Nellore Dist is where the Satish Dhawan Space Center is located. The Satish Dhawan Space Center is one of the country’s two satellite launching centers, which is located in barrier island off the Bay of Bengal. Considered as the second largest spaceport in the world, next to the Kennedy space center in the U.S. Have you ever stopped to wonder why this particular location was chosen as the site for ISRO?

Various factors need to be considered while choosing the ideal site. The launch site needs to be well removed and far away from civilization. Equipment and other heavy machinery needs to be brought in regularly. Therefore, all forms of transportation need to be accessible. So why was Sriharikota chosen?


1) Location:
Sriharikota’s location benefits eastward launches. Usually, eastward launches are preferred by space organisations as the earth’s rotation aids in accelerating the rocket with a much lower fuel consumption.



2) Accessibility:
The SHAR launches space shuttles of different countries and their equipment are huge. Therefore, the space center must be accessible by all means of transport like Air, Water, Road, Rail.



3) Area:
Sriharikota is a barren land which is largely uninhabited. It lies on the east coast of India resulting in most of the rockets trajectory being over sea rather than land. The reduces the risk to civilians as any flying objects will mostly drop into the sea below. Typically, the maximum distance of impact from the launch site can be upto 6,500Kms. flying objects will fell into the sea. The maximum distance of impact from the launch site can be up to 6,500 Kms



Apart from this, the weather conditions and security reasons too, the peninsular water-logged area is the ideal location for India’s premier spaceport.




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