An Interesting Tale Of A Vizag Family That Has Dedicated Its Entire Four Generations Exclusively To Stage Drama!


In the time where dramas have become so yesterday and old school, it is a wonder to see a whole family working on redeeming the golden age of dramatics. Sri Sai Kalanikethan Welfare society in Visakhapatnam is striving to bring the glory back to our Padya Natakalu. From the oldest 84-year old to the youngest 8-year, all of them are working constantly on them. Since four generations, all the men in this family have been giving award-winning performances.

Started in 1984, Sri Sai Kalanikethan Welfare Society organises one show of Padya Natakam every month on the second Friday without fail. The family of B.V.A. Naidu have been dedicating their lives towards this cause. This family have received 9 nandis including one golden nandi and a special award for the youngest one Riteesh Chand, who played Prahlada in ‘Bhakta Prahlada’ in 2015. It has also won the best production award in NTR Natakotsavalu and several awards from Venkateswara Natya Kala Parishat, Tirupathi. From the past 23 years this society has been gathering artists from all over the state and organising shows religiously. Around 200 artists including technicians have been working under this organisation. The passion to keep this art alive is what makes them running, says its founder and secretary, Mr. B.V.A. Naidu.

Funded by Surapaneni Vijay Kumar, this society organises annual Dramatics competition in July. Apart from this the regular monthly drama tradition has been going on from more than 270 months. This society is called the Surabhi of Visakha given to its contribution towards Telugu Dramas.

In this age of modern cinema almost taking over the traditional theatre, they prove that fascination for art still thrives in people. Theatre shouldn’t become a thing of our past and dwell like all the other arts. So if you want to experience the magnificent grandeur of Telugu Padya natakam, this association will be up with another marvellous piece in Kala Bharathi Auditorium, Vizag. And make the plays live on!


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