A Tribute To Sri, Whose Joyful Tunes Gave Us Reasons To Celebrate Life!

We are about to take you on a journey starting from your childhood. No, we don’t have a time machine. But what we have got, are some magical tunes tuned by a master, Sri Kommineni. This guy seemed to have a tune for almost every phase of our life. Here are a few tunes that played on our lips at different phases of our lives.

P. S: Sri supervised the music of ‘Money’, Srinivasa Murthy was the music director.


1. A tune to prove our innocence to the world when we were kids.



2. A tune to us from our friends when our results were out.



3. A tune from us to our friends when we were out of money.



4. A tune for both us and our friends when we were both out of money.



5. A tune for you when your crush smiled.



7. A tune to give your crush a friendly tease.



8. And finally, a tune from the world when it was time for us to marry.



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