Building A Career Out Of Underrated Movies. Sree Vishnu Is Doing It One Film At A Time


I still rememberer coming out of the theatre after watching Mental Madhilo with a beautiful feeling. I thought it’d become another cult like Pelli Choopulu. (Which it did, But sadly after it was out of the theatres and as usual when the internet audience started showing their love much later).


Sree Vishnu, Off Screen:

The super introverted, very less spoken man who doesn’t even speak much about his own films in the pre release events. In fact, it’s not just him, All the 3 OGs of the film, Brochevarevaru Ra Vivek Athreya, Vivek Sagar and Sree Vishnu talk really really less on stages. One certain take away from this case is that, ‘We should let our work do all the talking for us.’ In fact, Vivek Sagar says this in one of his interviews too.



The ‘underrated’ tag:

I should say, It all started with ‘Appatlo Okadundevadu’.

Any Telugu article you read (Not just ChaiBisket’s) has a mention of this film, under the title, ‘Must watch underrated Telugu films’.


Then followed by the 3 important films of his career.

Mental Madhilo:

A film about which I could write on and on. But simply put, Mental Madhilo is a sensible film, with a brilliantly written female roles. Officially it isn’t streaming anywhere, But you can watch it on YouTube.


Needhi Nadhi Oke Katha:

Directed by Venu Udugula, Who is now directing Rana and Sai Pallavi in his next film, Virata Parvam. NNOK is a very important film for the youth which focuses on our daily life struggles with education. I’m sure not many of you have watched it. So, Psst! It’s streaming on SunNxt.



As I was eagerly waiting for what director Vivek Athreya would make next after Mental Madhilo, Whom he would cast next in his second film. He announces this poster with a huge ensemble of cast, Rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi, Nivetha Thomas, Satya Dev, Nivetha Pethuraj (All favorites) .. And again Sree Vishnu as his main lead.


My best friend wondered, ‘Sree Vishnu is a subtle performer, Would he be able to act and grab attention in the same screen along with Rahul Ramakrishna, Priyadarshi !?’.

And God oh god, He was so wrong.

Subtle actor ?

One great thing about ‘Hero’ Sree Vishnu’s acting is that, He doesn’t make it look ‘heroic’ at all. It looks so real, relatable and common-man-ish. I think that is when we relate the most to the character, When the actor is not doing any superficial ‘heroic’ things like, (Fighting 100s of goons, flaunting abs, dancing in snows and hill tops). Last time I felt this relatable to the actors was during watching Tharun Bhascker’s films (Both Pelli Choopulu and ENE). You get the point, right ?


And the question, Is he a subtle actor ? I think the answer is NO. Because, If he was, We all wouldn’t have laughed that much while watching Brochevarevarura.

Bringing the right stories that matter:

At the end of the day, As an actor, It’s ‘What stories are you telling’ is what matters the most. And I think Sree Vishnu is doing a great job in bringing out great stories. And as his Twitter bio says, ‘All I owe the audience is a good PERFORMANCE.’ Enough said.


And let’s just hope that he brings out great stories in the coming future too.


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