For The First Time In India, Telangana Government Introduces Special Logos For Hearing Impaired Drivers!


In a first of its kind move in whole of India, TS state government has introduced a logo to differentiate between regular drivers and hearing impaired drivers.



The states transport department has selected this logo made by city based graphic designer “Manikanta Annapragada” who is also the first person from Hyderabad to receive a driver’s license under “hearing impaired” category. This logo was selected from 8 other entries submitted by “Manikanta”.



The logo consist of the words “Driver is deaf, Please watch out” the department has also given guidelines to state the visibility of logo and how they should appear on the vehicle.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle about recently introduced hearing impaired category, Manikanta said that “For driving without license, I was caught many times by the traffic police. I spoke to inspectors on the spot to help me in getting driving license as I’m a person with hearing disability. I also told them I have been driving without license for a decade. But, they said that they can’t do anything as rules did not allow. I have to obey the rules and paid fine many times,” he said.

This is a move that is sure to take us many steps further and help disabled people get the due privileges they deserve.



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