19 Classic Films From Our Childhood That Defined Telugu Cinema For Every 90s Kids!


No matter how many movies Telugu cinema has given us till date, the films that released in 1990’s share a special bond with us. This is probably because of the fact that we grew up watching films and started loving them during this time. From a new TV set in our house to a cable connection – everything was new to us back then. Those born in late 80’s and early 90’s are blessed to have witnessed some of the greatest movies with healthy comedy. The humour generated though the characters in these movies never gets old. Any day, Any time – these films never fail to bring a smile on your face. Here are the movies that sum up our perfect childhood:


1. Bamma Maata Bangaru Baata:
If you remember the song “Car car super car…caar super caaarr...” , then your childhood is awesome!

2. Appula Appa Rao:
One of the best entertainers from director E.V.V Satyanarayana. Probably the best Rajendra Prasad – Brahmanandam combination movie as well. The humour quotient of this film will live on forever.

3. Little soldiers:
Siblings unna prathi okkaru relate ayye movie. One cannot forget the song ...”I’m a very good girl”..

4. Hello Brother:
Ippudu manam vine auto punches.. appatlone Brahmi and Mallikarjun Rao tho cheppinchaaru EVV.

5. April Okati Na Vidudala:
A thriller and also a fun-filled movie with subtle comedy. “Idigo Diwakarammmmm….”

6. Yamaleela:
This movie is a perfect mix of a son’s love for his mother and right humour!

7. Rajendrudu Gajendrudu:
The unique concept of having a elephant in the house was a treat to watch back then. Watching this movie .. takes us back to our childhood.

8. Jambalakadi Pamba:
Ee movie comedy gurinchi entha cheppukunnaa thakkuve. This is one of the brilliant comedy entertainers with one of its kind unique script – Telugu cinema has given to us.

9. Ghatotkachudu:
The movie that made us go awe by bringing in a mythological character as well as a robot – a classic masterpiece.

11. Chitram Bhalare Vichitram:
Watching this movie will be a hilarious ride – thanks to Brahmi’s love for God and Naresh’s female getup.

12. Mayalodu:
Enduku Emiti Ela”, Ali-tongue expressions, Babu Mohan’s comedy with Kota – ivi chaalu ee movie comedy factor cheppandaniki ..besides it also carries a brilliant storyline.

13. Vinodam:
Appatlone ee movie oka ‘VENKY’ version ani cheppacchu.

14. Kshemanga Velli Laabanga Randi:
A perfect family entertainer and, appatlo manam brahmi ni love cheyadam start chesthunna time lo.. peaks ki theeskellina comedy!

15. Sisindri:
The trio – Sudhakar, Thanikella Bharani and Giri Babu – pade kashtaalu and Akhil’s cuteness, made this movie a special one. Kuyyooooohh!

16. Ammo Bomma:
Though appatlo anthaga manam connect avvakapoinaa, ee horror-comedy movie ki and aa ‘bomma’ ki.. appatlone oka rakamaina bhayam erpadindhi.

17. Aa Okkati Adakku:
Evergreen classic. Peekav le Janda..Oodhav le budaga nundi.. Thupuk Thupuk shirt varaku.. navthuneee untaam!

18. Intlo Illaalu Vantintlo Priyuraalu
This family entertainer is a laugh riot for its hilarious script of the lead character’s struggle with two wives (appatlo manaku idhi kottha). Kota and Brahmi’s combination with Venky’s humour touch is a treat to watch.

19. Madam
Rajendra Prasad again! This time ..in a female role – Aa acting, aa voice.. the way he carried the role and his struggle .. just brilliant!

These are the list we feel that define our childhood on a humour aspect. Share us your memorable 90s movies!

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