Here’s How You Can Help Save The Environment, One Plant At A Time!

Our Environment is deteriorating at a steady pace today. Rising levels of pollution in cities are hastening the climate change process at alarming rates. Several regions of the country are facing severe drought conditions. People are scavenging the parched lands for just a hint of potable water. The big cities meanwhile are consuming a lot more water than they need to. It won’t be long before we feel the pinch of drought here in the cities too. In circumstances such as these, wasting water is noting short of a crime.
Mr SPB garu is in the habit of gifting Tulasi or flowering plants whenever he goes to someone’s wedding. He believes that this is the ideal wedding present and will help us put a check to the rising deforestation around us. Frankly, if enough people gift the bride & groom with flowering plants, then they are sure to plant them and take good care of them. This is truly excellent initiative that SPB has begun and it would be ideal if we all follow in his footsteps and gift our loved ones with flowering plants on important occasions. These simple steps will ensure that slowly and steadily we reclaim our environment one plant at a time.
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SP Balasubrahmanyam, garu also expressed his concerns about the exorbitant wastage of drinking water that happens around us. When Mr SPB attended a wedding recently, he was shocked to see how the guests and organizers were callously wasting water. He expressed his pain at this act in no short terms. Every wedding we go to nowadays serves drinking water in small bottles. The guests usually take a sip and throw away the rest of the water along with the bottle. This water is then dumped into the sink without any thought. SPB appealed to people to either utilize the water served fully, by themselves or at least ensure that this water is not simply dumped. We definitely need to pay heed to his words, if we want to avoid drought like situations again in the future.
Kudos to SPB sir for showing us the way.

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