Sonu Sood Does It Yet Again: Offers Scholarships To Poor Students In His Late Mother’s Name


Ee tough times lo mana faces lo koncham smile thechina person okadu unnada ante adhi mana Sonu Sood annaya ne. Lockdown start ayinappati nunchi ippati varaku edho vidhanga help chesthu mana andharini surprise chesthune unnadu..


Ippudu ekanga students ki scholarships launch chesesaru. Last few months nunchi migrant workers ni valla homes pampadam nunchi lockdown lo needy unnavallaki help cheyadam varaku dhadapu anni touch chesthu andhariki reach avthu help chesthune unnadu.



So ippudu educational institutions anni close ayi online classes conduct chesthunaru kabati, chala mandi underprivileged students ki phones leka or fees pay cheyaleka education ki give up isthunnaru. Vallandhari kosam ippudu mana Sonu Sood annaya Scholarships launch chesaru.


Amma peru meedha scholarships ‘Saroj Sood’

Ee scholarships ni valla Amma gari peru meedha offer chesthunnadu, ippatiike konni different Universities tho matladi poor students ki higher education ni offer cheyadaniki anni arrange chesthunnadu..


He said that,

During the past few months, I have seen how the underprivileged struggled to pay for their children’s education. While some did not have phones to attend online classes, others did not have money to pay the fees. So, I have tied up with universities across the country to offer scholarships under the name of my mother, Professor Saroj Sood. She used to teach in Moga (Punjab), free of cost. She had told me to take her work ahead, and I feel that this is the right time.


Good academics and from below 2 lakh income.

Needy unna students andharu underprivileged ga undi higher studies cheyaleni vallandhariki ee scholarships use avthadi.

Manchi academics records and marks undi below 2 lakh income unna families nunchi vachina students andharu ee scholarships ki apply cheskovachu.. The only condition is they must be serious about their studies with a good academic record.


Courses offered

The scholarship will be available for courses like Medicine, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture, Law, Airlines and Tourism, Computer Applications, Hotel Management, Robotics and Automation, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Fashion, Journalism, Management Business Studies and many more courses are offerd…

All their expenses like course fees, hostel accommodation and food, everything will be taken care of by us, Sonu says


Need and interest unna students andharu next 10 days lopu mee details anni mail cheyandi.

The mail id is:

Students inka emaina Inquiries unna kuda dhiniki mail cheyandi, vallu reach avtharu soon they will be in touch.


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