Here’s How Sonu Sood Has Become A Saviour For Migrant Workers In Our Country


Life is weird in many ways. Movies lo villains ni chusi vaammo veellu real life lo ela untaro ra babu ani pakka okkasarina anukoni untam. One such villain we’re talking about today is, Sonu Sood, A real life HERO who has become a saviour for migrant workers in our country.



If you’ve been following news, You already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, read ahead.

1000s of migrant workers are stuck at various parts of our country with no help from anyone. We’ve read various news-pieces about migrant workers in this lockdown that brought tears in our eyes. Vellakosam government edhokati cheste bagundu ani manam prati roju pray chesi untam, prati roju ankoni untam.


But this man Sonu Sood, He actually came forward and arranged 100s of buses so far and sent migrants to their home states.


It all started when Sonu Sood sponsored a total of 10 buses full of migrant workers with meal kits from Maharastra to Karnataka.

He said,

“Everyone deserves to be with their families in these tough times.”

“The Maharashtra government officials were very helpful in terms of organising the paperwork and a special mention to the Karnataka government for welcoming the migrants back home.”


“It was really moving for me to watch these migrants walking on roads including the little kids and old parents. I shall continue doing the same for other states as well to the best of my abilities.”

Turns out, This was just the beginning, With time he arranged more and more buses to UP, Bihar and Jharkand.

He said,

“These workers have names, we keep calling them migrants…they made our homes, can’t we send them back to their homes? Every step they take on the highway, wouldn’t they be thinking that we did so much and built the country over so many years, and we have been forced to do this.”


“It is very important I think everyone has to come forward. You are answerable as a human being, please come out and help all you can to ensure that every single one of them reaches their home.”

This is not just it, He opened up his Juhu hotel to provide a comfortable environment to Doctors & Health Workers who are fighting COVID-19.

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He tied up with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and began offering meals to over 45,000 migrant labourers every day in Andheri, Jogeshwari, Juhu and Bandra to help those displaced by COVID-19.

He’s leaving no stone unturned to ensure that all migrants reach their home.

Internet is hailing Sonu Sood as a man with golden heart:





Just a day after announcing a toll-free number..

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घर चलें❣️

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This is what his notifications bar looks like,


We need more people like Sonu Sood around us. More power to you, Sonu Sood. What you’re doing will be remembered.


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