Sonu Sood Memes: Internet Hails Sonu Sood, The REAL Life Hero Of The Migrant Workers


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, You already know about the extraordinary stuff that Sonu Sood is doing for the migrants workers of our country.

From arranging buses to feeding them with food, Sonu Sood is doing his best to help the migrant workers of our country.


Recently, He airlifted 177 girls stuck in Kerala to Odisha amid Lockdown.

These girls were working as stitching and embroidery workers at a local factory in the city and had no place to go after the factory shut down due to the pandemic.


A migrant worker who reached their home state in an bus arranged by Sonu Sood has named their new born child after him, Sonu Sood Shrivastav.


When a Twitter user shared Sonu Sood’s old ‘Local Train Pass’, He described life as a ‘full circle‘.


Internet is calling Sonu Sood, The REAL ‘HOME’ minister and a lot of people are showering their love in form of memes, Here are some of the best ones:

The Messiah


‘Salute REAL Hero’


One picture depicts a lot of emotions


You will be remembered


S stands for


He does it again and again..


With no doubts,


He was there, When no one was there


Everyone will go home


Taken.. to home


‘Asli Baahubali’


His reply..


When someone asked, If he is going to become the next Rajinikanth..


“Everyone deserves to be with their families in these tough times.” – Sonu Sood.


We need more people like Sonu Sood around us. More power to you, Sonu Sood. What you’re doing will be remembered.


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