What If .. Our Meme Stars Explain About Themselves Through “Bharat Ane Nenu” Lyrics!


Ever since “Bharat Ane Nenu” (The Song Of Bharat) released, social media is going gaga over its lyrics. People started talking about how the song describes “CM Bharath” and his “vision”. What caught our attention is the line of his “oath” – Bharath Ane Nenu, Haami Isthunaanu, Bhaadhyunai Untaanu, of the people .. for the people … by the people ..this is meee!


Now, we tried thinking of the same with our social media stars or call them our MEME stars and saw how it would be explaining about them in the same style! Check it out:


1. Stones:

2. Sri Chilipi:

3. Jaleel Bhaaii:

4. Ninja Kid:

5. Knife

6. PP9 a.k.a TV 3*3:

7. YouTuuube:

8. Ammakala Pusthakam:

8. Veera sivudu:

9. “aah baavundi”:

10. Modi.. Aha.. ithagadu veru:

11. Puleeeeee:


12. Jaafar Khan pet Jagan:


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