Solo Dates Exist. Here Are 10 Ways To Plan A Perfect Solo Date


Solo time…personal space …take yourself out some day…ilaanti padhaalu yeppudaina vinnara? …time eh ledhu ani yedusthunte..inka solo time yekkadidhi andi ani BP techukokandi …I can understand you and I second you too…but yeah…spending you with youserlf is also important eh kadha …oka evening phone ala pakkana pettesi …ishtamaina paata vintu ..chai sip chesthu …oka chinna step add chesthe…woahh!!!congooo… you made the self happy re !!! ilanti inkonni chinna ideas kosam late cheyakunda dive into the article mari…


1.Shopping :
The relax mantra of so many people .Gumpulu Gumpulu ga Vellakunda ..just go alone for a Solo shop … try funky styles, window shop cheyandi , mix and match kooda ..anything and anywhere ..the world is all yours.

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2. How abot a movie re ?!?!?!
Adhi kooda flop movie …emantaru ….yevaru undaru ..grab a large popcorn and big coke and enjoy ur own antha mandhe :p

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3. Lunch kummeyandi :
King size meal , kaadhu Italian , Indian thali , desserts , pizzas…you name it and you have it …tineyandi full ga ….potta pagilipoyentha varaku …Yummm!!!


4. Dance cheddhama ..or art geedhama ??
Yeppat nuncho hiphop cheyalani aasha kaani kudarle…paint geeyalani korika..workout avvale…this is the time …many classes might be being conducted around you ..just join in any one of your wish and rechipondi anthe inka !!!

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5. Clean your premises:
You know what …mana surroundings kooda mana mood ni reflect chesthayi just clean up all the mess of your work space/living space and feel the positive vibe !!! Ah…prashanthamm

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6. Travel :
Ante deshaluu, rashtralu daatamantledhu kani …meeku daggarlo , andhubaatulo ye place unte akkadiki vellipondi…chill avvandi.


7. Gym /workout :
Sweat is the new black . Go do sqauts , planks , situps , dumbles, skipping…alasipoyentha varaku …chemata kaarentha varaku ..sometimes sweat can help in not only wipeout your fat but also your negativity.


8. Observe people :
Manchiga yedaina mall / market ki vellandi …just mansuhulni choodandi ..if you can learn from them ..good!!..if you feel elite than them ..good job !!! You are something doing great in your life than them. Feel the positivity. Yo!!!

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9. Impress yourself
Nah …make yourself happy and satisfied ..deeni kosam meeku nachina ye panaina can be cooking , reading , gardening , jumping , dancing …so many little things ..just plan ur intrests.

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Okavela e tips meeku mundhe telisi undi and follow ayi unte… share us your experiences and encourage us too yaar!!!


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