The Social Media Racha: 10 Mad Quotes From Netflix’s Social Dilemma


Meeru kuda ‘Nenu social media lo entha time spend chestunnano naake telidhu ra ayya..’ ane thought lo unnara.. Zuck babai naa dat evadiki ammestunnado ane constant bhayam lo bratukutunnarra.. Aithe mana lantolla kosame (inka bhayapettadaniki) Netflix lo social dilemma ani oka show release chesaru. Okavela meeru inka adhi chudakapothe, Here are a few mad quotes from the show that’ll make you rethink everything about social media in general


Some deep quotes from the show:

1. ”There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software.”

‘Users’ ane padham lo intha artham undaa!!

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2. ”Social media is a marketplace that trades exclusively in human futures.”

Maa jeevithalu ra reyy..

While most of us think that our data is being sold, it’s not. These companies use our data to make models. More the data, more accurate is the model. And the company that builds the best model, wins.


3. ”The very meaning of culture is manipulation.”

When we communicate with our friends on the internet, it’s always a sneaky third person who is paying to manipulate us.

FBI jokes anni fun ki ankunnam kada raa


4. ”Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

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5. “We want to psychologically figure out how to manipulate you as fast as possible”


The emails that we receive when our friends tag us in photos on Facebook, are aimed at growing activity on their platforms.


6. “Social media starts to dig deeper and deeper deeper down into the brain stem and take over kids sense of self-worth and identity.”

Humans did not evolve to get social approval from ten thousands of people every 5 minutes. But apparently, we have curated our lives around this perceived sense of perfection.

Basic ga manalni pichollani chesesindi


7. “If you’re not paying for the product, Then you’re the product.”

MIND BLOCK ayyindaaa..


8. “We’re the product. Our attention is the product being sold to advertisers.”

Rey rey reyy..

The content that we assume available for free on the Internet, is actually being paid for by the advertisers. They pay for our attention and make money from that.

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9. “Social media is a drug.”

We have a constant urge to connect with people, and a vehicle like social media that optimizes this connection, gets us addicted.

Melko vinuyogadaaruda..


10. “A whole generation is more anxious, more fragile, more depressed.”

Gen Z, those who were born after 1996 or so, have been the worst affected by the use of internet and social media.

No jokes here. This is genuinely sad.


Social media ni manaki positive ga impact ayyela vaadukunte santhosham.


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