What You Need To Know About Smita Sabharwal, The Modern Day Jhansi Laxmibai!

Smita Sabharwal is a force to reckon with but she has been on the news for all the wrong reasons. A sexist comment that is well, exactly how a stereotypical mind in the society would instantly work rocked the media. She however, bounced back with grace and did indeed set an example. However, that isn’t the only example she set. She has been an incredible administrator who made a lasting mark towards progress wherever she set foot. Despite being a Bengali by culture, she is indeed a Hyderabadi through and through. St. Ann’s for schooling and St. Francis for graduation, she probably knows exactly what Hyderabad is made of.
Also people from St. Francis are pretty awesome *cough* I’m from Francis *cough*
These are the things you need to know about her and her awesomeness to appreciate her to the fullest. Take a look!
1. She secured an All India 4th Rank in her Civil Services examination in the 1st attempt! She also topped the all India ICSE 12th exams. If you don’t know how big a deal that is, then get out of my face!
2. And she was not all books and marksheets either. She was posted in Medak and Karimnagar districts as collector earlier and her districts stood as examples for the rest during her tenure.
SS fashionlady
3. She introduced Amma Lalana, which is basically a proactive process in primary health centers in her districts. Pregnant women would be reminded about check-ups and precautions via SMS. Infant deaths went down considerably during her time.
Smitha THI


4. This was an incredible success. How big, you ask? This scheme was adapted in all districts later.
5.She started this progressive idea of monitoring Primary Health Centers on Skype to ensure proper functioning and sanitation. She also upgraded processes with surprise inspections and formal reports about the infrastructure. This also extended to women’s hostel in terms of safety.

Skype TH
6. She introduced innovative ways to ensure voting in villages calling it “Voters Panduga”. She provided villages with vehicles to make it to the voting centers. Medak’s district made it into the top of the list in districts with the highest voters this election.
Smita fashionlady
7. Polling in the districts that she handled, commenced without even a single incident and a considerably higher number of voters.
SB fashionlady
8. She came up with the Fund Your City program for the district headquarters in Karimnagar. Philanthropists and industrialists contributed to this program, to develop Karimnagar. Crowdfunding towards success, yes?
9. Karimnagar district was awarded the best district in PM’s 20 Point Programme for 2012-2013. Yeah, because of her.
10. She also spends time with family just as much as any mother would, despite putting incredible efforts on the perfect execution of her role in her profession.
*whips out a notepad and takes down notes on balancing personal and professional lives.*

Smita family DC
So to all the people who typically thought that Smita Sabarwal was but an “eye candy” in the CMO who got it easy, chew on this. She clearly earned her place and outdid all her peers.


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