These Students Are Changing Villages In Srikakulam District With Their ‘Smart Village Revolution’ Idea!

We are living in a generation where all the students are running behind Software jobs or towards higher studies & foreign universities. In this world of money, there are very few people who care about the things which will bring some change in the society around us. Students of Smart Village Revolution are one of that kind. With a thought of developing solutions for problems in villages these change makers from different colleges in and around Srikakulam under the mentorship of MSK Prasad, VVS Laxman, NorthSouth Foundation as well as delegates from UC DAVIS came up with the concept of social engineering – “Smart Village Revolution”.

Smart Village Revolution:
Many a times we might come across this thought of how our knowledge and the studies we learnt are useful? This concept of SVR is to solve the problems that were being faced in the society in every village. As they can’t do in every village they selected one village in order to apply their skills and knowledge that they acquired in their study time. Interesting and thought provoking, Isn’t it? It started like this and now it became a revolution in the district of Srikakulam. Later on they involved some basic number of people from each branch of education in the college to develop a project to solve the problems or to reach the requirements/ needs in the village. Health, Social development, Education are some of the focus areas they are looking into.

It all starts like this:
As their first step they had taken surveys in the village for few times and did some analysis. Then took some initiatives for creating awareness among the villagers on different aspects which they are going to implement for the uplifting of the village. Later they will build some committees and segregate each committee with their own plans and strategies that are to be implemented in the village. They also generated resources like doctors, engineers, teachers, loans, etc.

The Belief :
With a team of 20 students from various departments, these students are asked to stay in the village for 40 days with minimum basic needs of food such as 25kg rice packet and a electric stove. Their work is to motivate villagers towards behavioural development not on infrastructure development. Also, all they need to do is to identify 5 major problems in the village. Using what they have studied all these days, this young group had totally changed the fate of villages in Srikakulam. With the support of Kinjarapu Ram Mohan Naidu, MP Srikakulam, they transformed Burujuvada village which is adopted by him.

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