Meet The Avid Sky Diver From Vizag Who Aspires To Join The Navy!


Generally people prefer to join either a Software firm or go for further studies after their graduation in engineering but not Praveen Kumar Inti. He had a much desired ambition to join the armed forces. To equip himself with the necessary skills, he chose skydiving to conquer his hidden fears.

He received an ‘A’ license in skydiving from the prestigious Unites States Parachute Association. He is one among the few in the civilians to match with the men from the Defence sector.

Praveen has successfully completed about 28 jumps and is aiming to take part in the upcoming world championship in Dubai in December. Jumping from a plane at a height of 13,000 ft. is no cake walk and needs a brave heart that would not stop beating midway, where the free fall descent is at a speed of 250kmph.

He completed his training at Kakini Sky Riders Association, based at Mysore airport, affiliated to the United States Parachute Association. The institute first tests whether a student is truly passionate enough about skydiving. The skydiver has to take 100 per cent responsibility of his life and has to submit a document to this effect before starting the training.

Not only is he passionate about sky diving, he is also an avid football player. He aspires to get inducted into either the Marcos branch in the Naval force or the Para regiment in the Army or the Garuds in the Air Force.

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Image source : The Hindu

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