How The Thought Of Cult Classic ‘Siva’ Movie Occured To RGV ? A Short Film


“Shiva and all other movies (I made so far) there’s no any difference”-Rgv comment when asked about his debut.

But how did Siva made such huge impact in tollywood and why not others? When raat is his first brain child, how come Shiva came in middle?
Spontaneity – Does simply this strategy work all the way of making shiva !
How a 28 yrs old in 1989 (for the 1st time in whole south India ) can break Barriers and records of box office with innovative sound techniques and simple dialogues? Does this happen just like that?

And finally.. What if there is no film called Shiva? Is everything true about Siva? Just like he mentioned in his “Naa Ishtam”.


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