10 Common Situations Everyone Of Us Can Totally Relate To During A Family Get-Together!


Be it festivals or weddings, family get-togethers are always fun in their own way. Though we feel happy to see all our folks at the same place it sometimes can get kind of awkward. But it’s better to face them than hearing our moms taunt about it later. So here are some things that we thought are tend to usually happen in our family get-togethers.


1. Functions ante manaki first gurtu vachedi food aa. Sometimes we only attend them just because of food. That’s one of the pros of attending them. Anta delicious food mundu mana chuttala gola peddaga kanipinchadu lendi.


2. Ee musalollaki dorikamante chaalu ido badha. Pelleppudu? Udyogam ela undi? Ani okate nasa. Situation mottam awkward aepothundhi. Manamedo function ki vacham… enjoy cheddam anukune lopu veellu tagultaru.


3. Once you enter your ‘relatives’ zone forget the matter of your privacy. Mana relatives ki danito assalu pani ledu. Manam eh mood lo unna veellaki anavasaram. Vallu cheppalsindi ento cheptunee untaru.Manam emaina koncham respond avvakapote inka anthe pogaru ani stamp vesestaru.


4. These are very irritating you know! Question adigi calm ga undochu kada… ahaa vatiki edo oka advice ivvanide vallaki nidra pattadu kada. Nuvvu chemical badulu mechanical teeskunte bavundedi emo? US velli MS enduku cheyakudadu? Ila edo okati cheptuunee untaru. Veellakendukandi asalu?


5. Those games I say! Antakshari nundi ashta-chamma varaku enno untayi. Even though we hate to admit, we did (do) enjoy them sometimes.


6. Asale manki privacy ledu anukunte… These hugs and all make it even awkward. We don’t even know how to react those who overwhelm us with their affection. Things get really weird at times like that.


7. Here we are trying hard to keep them away from our Facebooks and Instagrams. Kani ila direct ga adiginapudu ledu analem and details ivvalem. Whatsapp group lone tattukolem anukunte inka facebook lo add cheskute we can bid adieu to our social lives.


8. Sarey we know that IItian cousin of us earning crores in US. But that doesn’t mean manam kuda guddi ga vadini follow ipovali ani. We do have our career plans and goals. Adi veellaki ardam kakunda champestaru ee comparisons tho. Nothing could make us feel worse than being in that place.


9. From the clothes, we wear to how we eat everything is carefully being scrutinized. That alone can make us feel so conscious of our self. Koncham emaina ekkuva ready ite aunty lu iche looks tho chachipovali anpistundi. We don’t care ane attitude kasta veella looks chusesaiki why did I come la ipotadi.


10. Enta tittukunna malli inkeppudu ravaddu anukunna, mana family family aa. Nothing can be compared to the love and affection they give. Whatever happens at the end of the day family is what we have and that is what makes us strong. So next time enta irritating anipinchina never miss your family gatherings!


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