10 Reasons Why Every Modern Girl Can Relate To Sita From Godavari!

(Article by Soumya Reddy)
The character ‘Sita’ in Godavari is one that many people loved. Even your mom adores her! Ilanti roles ammayilaki takkuva ayipoyina ee kaalam lo vachina chala realistic portrayal idhi.
Here’s why a lot of girls out there relate so much to the character of Kamalinee in Sekhar Kammula’s ‘Godavari’.
1. She is independent: Sita is an independent girl who in spite of failures (financial instability, womanisers around and constant pressure from parents), never ceases to give up on her work and independence.
2. She is confident: So what if a guy rejected her during a marriage proposal? It didn’t make her feel any less right? She went on a lone trip to make herself happy.

3. She gets jealous: Evident from the scene where Sumanth finds the sari-clad Neetu sexy. Later on, Kamalinee continues to impress him to the point where he can admit that she is even sexier.

4. She is childlike: The child inside her does stupid things from time to time. Be assured of this one, because who on earth would act so stubborn for one ‘sorry’ from a guy in the middle of a chilly night?
5. She has some attitude: The right amount of it is definitely justified. She is not someone who could fall for any Tom, Dick and Harry.
6. She loves a guy with all her heart: She is totally in love with Sumanth and stands up for him even while the whole world is against him. Remember that scene where Kamalinee retorts to Neetu’s dad and her fiancĂ©?

7. She is empathetic: Whether it is emptying her lunch box for an underprivileged on the road or buying pullatlu for Chinna or sacrificing the treasure for him, she shows immense empathy.
8. She is her parents’ pet: Though she has petty fights with them at times, her relationship with them is just perfect!
9. She is Simple: Not every girl can walk into a roadside hotel with her guy and still be happy!

10. She is a hopeless romantic: It was she who asks to be kissed towards the climax. Remember?


Sekhar Kammula garu has written this character with the modern, independent Telugu woman in mind. Kudos to him!

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