12 Versatile Songs From Sirivennela That Will Leave You Awe-struck!

[This article has been contributed by AV Sreedhar]

The man behind the some of the best songs in Telugu Film industry – Sirivennela Sitaramasastry.

This list of 12 songs will make you realize the greatness of lyrics!

1. Bhadhram be careful brotheru… (Money)

This is hilarious description to explain the side effects of marriage… I can tell you that you can’t get a better one than this .

2. Enthavaraku Endhukoraku (Gamyam)

The depiction of the journey of a person for a purpose!

3. Alanaati Ramachandruni (Murari)

KV’s brilliance + Mahesh’s glamour + Sirivennela’s magic = Silver screen excellence . Every telugu guy/girl will think that his/her marriage should happen in such a grand way.

4. Chalore Chalore (Jalsa)

Raamudila maaragalam, raakshasulanu minchagalam…

Rakarakala musugulu vesthu maricham epudo sontham mukham… can’t say more than this!

5. Chakravarthi ki veedhi bichagathi ki (Money)

A song about the importance of money and its inevitability in our life!

6. Niggadeesi adugu, ee sigguleni jananni (Gaayam) 

The cult song everyone should watch. The piercing eyes of Sastry Sir are very energetic.

7. Balapam patti bhama ballo (Bobbili Raja)

The most famous song among the lovers in the 90’s. Romance with decent limits.

8. Vidhatha talapuna(Sirivennela)

When you first hear this song, I bet you will require a Telugu dictionary to understand those words. With this the journey of the legend began!

9. Ardha satabdapu agnananne svatantramandama (Sindhooram)

This first line is self explanatory and you will sense a harsh reality around us. Trivikram said that he is moved by this song .

Krishnudu leni kurukshetramuna saage e ghoram… Chithi mantala sindhooram!

10. Botany patamundi, Matinee aata undi (Shiva)

The viral song among the students which was intensified by the film’s excellence. The last lines will make you smile like anything as that is the real scenario.

11. Pada pada pada (Vedam)

The rock star way to explain the importance of life!

12. Jagamantha kutumbam (Chakram)

The signature song of this magician!


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