Presenting The First Ever University That Offers Courses In Indian Performing Arts In USA!


In a historic first, the American Telugu community established a U.S.-based university for Indian performing arts. Yes, the University of SiliconAndhra offers Masters, diploma and certificate programmes in Carnatic music and Kuchipudi dance. And that too in the U.S.!


Here are some quick facts about the new university in Milpitas, California:

You can complete the courses online or during the weekend

The ‘hybrid’ teaching programme includes both virtual lessons from expert India-based faculty and weekend onsite classes and study planning.



The founder is a successful Telugu businessman

The CEO and president of the university is Anand Kuchibhotla, a resident of San Jose. He has held senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies.



The teachers are really thope

The all-doctorate faculty consists of eminent luminaries in Carnatic music and Kuchipudi dance. Faculty of reputed institutions in Hyderabad and Chennai came to the University of Silicon Andhra for a week in January to conduct an orientation programme



The minimum education qualification is Class 12

The University begins enrolling its students who have completed Class 12, be it in India or the U.S.



More courses are to be added!

Said Mr. Kuchibhotla, ‘In about 5-10 years, the university may move to a larger campus, with courses in ‘mainstream’ programmes such as computational logistics and biotechnology.’



We salute the efforts of the Silicon Andhra Association to support Telugu culture and traditions, and make our presence felt in the international community at large!


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