Every Gang Has A ‘Kaushik’ In It. Here Are 10 Signs That It Is You


Every friends gang is a combination of different kind of people. Some crazy, some normal. That is how a gang is balanced. We all have one friend like ‘Kaushik’ from ‘Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi’ in our gang. The one who always makes us laugh with his unfunny jokes. The one who always puts us trouble. Here are 10 signs that it is you, in our gang.


1. You Love free food & drinks, you’ll do anything for it.


2. Cracks lame jokes, But people still laugh at your jokes.


3. You are Single AF. And have been the same since a very long time.


4. But still you try. You flirt with every single girl you meet.


5. You don’t like your current job, but can’t quit it. Becuse your salary depends on it.


6. You have some hidden talent in you, that even you don’t know about.


7. Everything in life is basically a joke for you.


8. Hated your studies.


9. All your friends are better settled in life than you.


10. You can be totally unhelpful in serious situations.


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