What Is ‘Signal’ App & How Safe Is It Compared To WhatsApp?

If you don’t know already, WhatsApp has update its privacy policy so much that people are now quitting the app citing the reason as the new scary privacy policy.

Tap here to read the new privacy policy

Here’s how people responded to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy

A lot of people have started suggesting/ talking about the new alternative to WhatsApp, which is ‘Signal’

How a single tweet from Elon Musk broke Signal’s registration system:

This is what Elon Musk has tweeted

That’s it. This is what Musk has tweeted.

People understood that he was talking about the app ‘Signal’ and have started explaining on Twitter to those who don’t speak ‘Elon”s slang.

Here’s a tweet from Signal official saying that their servers are overloaded.

And just hours later, So many Indians have started downloading Signal and this is what happened:

So what is Signal:

Signal is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service developed by Brian Acton and Moxie Marlinspike.

Acton was also one of the founders of WhatsApp, which was sold to Facebook in 2014. He left the company in 2017.

Signal has been endorsed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, as well as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

It is open-sourced and not-for-profit. Signal gives you encrypted messages, voice and video calls.

It collects no data from you. Signal only needs your mobile number for registration, but according to reports, it doesn’t even link your phone number to your identity. 

He donated $50 million to Signal. The app is widely considered the gold standard for encrypted texting today. Signal is used by journalists, activists, lawyers, researchers, dissidents, politicians, and security experts around the world.

Here’s why Signal is being hailed as a safer app than WhatsApp:

Its ‘privacy first’ policy:

Signal Messenger LLC works under a non-profit called the Signal Foundation, was formed by Acton. The app is not tied to any major tech companies, and can never be acquired by one. The development of the app is supported entirely by grants and donations from Signal users.

You know exactly what’s inside the app:

The soruce code of the app is publicly available. Meaning, Experts around the world can take a look at Signal’s code and look for problems, ensuring they are fixed faster than other apps like Messenger and WhatsApp.

Everything is encrypted, Including your GIFs:

Signal encrypts ‘everything’ you could think of, including your profile photo, your voice and video calls, photos, attachments, stickers, and location pins. 

Securely backup your chats:

Signal also doesn’t send unsecured backups of your messages to the cloud where they can be read by anyone, including Google and WhatsApp. 

Instead, they are stored in an encrypted database on your phone and only you hold the key. 

The app doesn’t even store your contacts on their server, using another privacy-friendly method to match you with your friends.

Incognito keyboard:

Signal also has other features that simply don’t exist on other mainstream messaging platforms. One such feature is an Incognito Keyboard option that tells your keyboard not to learn from what you type on the app. 

Another setting on Signal for Android called the ‘Screen security’ will stop any app from looking into your Signal window and see what you’re typing, which is really neat.

Its definitely time for us try new apps in these times.

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