10 Things You’ll Get to Experience When You Shop With Your Mom!


Once we grow big we start doing things on our own. Lately when did you go out shopping with your Mum? Actually you should always choose mum as shopping partner I guess coz there are lots of perks, just check them out.


1. Manam okkalame shopping ki pothe… Occasion ki mana selection ki asalu sambandham undadhu. Adhe amma tho osthe we keep our goals straight lekapothe dharuvu padthundhi amma.



2. “M” size em saripothundhi niku shoulders kindha chudu fitting tight undhi.. thamaru emo ‘Pandhi la uripothunnaru’. “L” teskondi Madam oo two years paduntadhi.



3. Me : Amma idhi chudu entha baundho..
Amma : Cha! Price chusava? Quality chusava? Assalu worth kadhu, Alochinchu koncham. (Na polikalu okkati raledhe niku ani self dabba start chestharu tharwatha!) Ishhh!



4. Adhe friends tho pothe ah baundhi baundhi thesko antaru .. kani amma prathi inch chusthundhi. Enni bhattalu chupettina edho oka vanka chepthundhi and she’s never tired of doing that. Manaki correct ga set ayyevaruku vadhaladhu.



5. She’ll be the first one to tell where collections are good and offers are subtle.



6.Dhari podugutha full bitching sessions. Mummy emo relatives gurinchi nenu emo classmates gurinchi.. and those ‘kadupu challaga undhi’ feels after we’ve shared all the shit we wanted to talk about is insanely satisfying.



7. Daddy tho osthe ekkuva shop lu thippalemu. Accessories mata ki osthe they’ll be least interested to walk in only adhe mummy aithe mana iddhariki suit laga kontundhi manaki malli special ga kontundhi. Double dhamaka, yey!



8. Shopping aipoyaka.. common cravings ni satisfy cheyyakunda intiki vellam ga..Late aina sare Daddy nunchi kuda pressure radhu, as we are with our Mummy the dearest.



9. Shopping antha aipoyi billing kooda aipoyaka inka manchi dresses kanipisthai. If she feels they are worth it she won’t think twice.



10. Inka aa dress veskunna prathi full feels lo untadhi chusava na selection entha baundho. ‘You look thin too!’ ani mana weak point medha kottesthundhi. Jokes apart you’ll get the best outfits when you go with her.



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