12 Places in Hyderabad That Serve The Best ‘Shawarmas’ In Town


Shawarma is the vada pav of Hyderabad. The royal city of India, “Hyderabad” surely knows how to treat anyone with unlimited tasty cravings. It is amazing how one city can give you so many new experiences each day in terms of flavors and love for food. Shawarma is one of such unique dish we get to eat here. There are usually 3 types of shawarmas.

Chicken only Shawarma.

AND NO!! VEG-Shawarma doesn’t exist. It is a Frankie and not “A SHAWARMA”.


So, here are a few places from Hyderabad where the best shawarma is found.

1. Where : Hitech City
Home delivery is available and the Khubus is pretty huge compared to other places. The meat is tender with just the right amount of sauces. What more can a hardcore Shawarma fan ask for?



2. Where : Mehdipatnam
This has got two shops, one closes at 11pm and the other opens at 11pm and it is there till 4 ‘o clock in the morning.
Special Chicken Shawarma is a must with extra Mayonnaise. You’ll have to ask for the extra mayonnaise though



3. Where : Mehdipatnam
Only Shawarma Place it is. Try it with Somali rather than than romali roti! Avoid Veggies if you want it served authentic.



4. Where : Mallepally
If you have just 50 bucks and you are damn hungry. Keep calm and rush to this place when around Masab tank.



5. Where : Jubilee Hills
Ambiance is quite unique and the shawarma here will definitely satisfy you.



6. Where : Nampally
They serve Beef Shawarma ! Now you know why the named it as “Feel in Saudi”? If you are a beef lover you should try that place ASAP!



7. Where : Mehdipatnam
Mehdipatnam is the place for Shawarmas and this is going to be your favorite as they serve the finest Shawarma and they give a cool drink for free of your choice. Ok what more do you want?



8. Where : Karkhana
They are Famous for their Shawarma.



9. Where : PG Road
They don’t add salads to shawarma at all! It’s just that juicy slow cooked chicken in it. If it’s an authentic Shawarma Craving that you have, you should rush to this place.



10. Where : Banjara Hills
Choose Khubus they are known for their fluffy soft khubus. They serve with and without salads. Best part is with salads also the Shawarma tastes good here.



11. Where : Himayathnagar
The closest and possibly best around this area one can have. It is light on the pocket too.



12. Where : SR Nagar Main Road.



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