Meet the Hyderabad Based Start-up, ‘Skippi Ice Pops’ That Got ₹10mn All Sharks Deal On Shark Tank India

While pandemic hit us in the most unexpected way, great content in both fiction and non-fiction shows came ahead. And one of those shows is Shark Tank Season 1. The show not only gave the audience great entertainment but also gave great motivation to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages.

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Shank Tank is a show where successful entrepreneurs with great established businesses (referred to as sharks in the show) sit and listen to the pitches by other entrepreneurs of their companies. Sharks ki oche contestants valla business ideas inka thought process nachithe, apudu valla business lo invest chestaru. Dabbulu tho paatu, great guidance kuda provide chestharu.

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Ee show nadichina 2 months lo, chala mandhi entrepreneurs, chala unique, problem-solving businesses tho aa stage ekkaru. Dantlo, kontha mandiki investments dorikaayi, inkontha mandiki… advices. Alaa aa show ki velli, investments tiskunna vallalo Hyderabad established company kuda okati undhi and today let’s know about that.

Skippi Ice Pops- Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra

This company is run by Ravi Kabra, co-founder and CEO and Anuja Kabra, co-founder and COO. Banjara hills lo unna Skippi Premium Ice pops, India lo ochina first ice-pops brand. Artificial flavours inka colours intake ni zero ki tiskoni vachi… clean, green inka healthy high-quality products ni produce cheyyali ane aim tho, company ni start chesaru ee couple.

Rs 11 Lakh Loss To Rs 10 Million Deal on Shark Tank: Story of Skippi Ice  Pops

Skippi Ice Pops 100% natural colour, flavour, sweetners inka preservatives tho prepare chestaru. India lo frozen products ni supply cheyyadam oka pedda issue. Aa issue ni counter chesthu, ee company refrigerator concept ni tisesi, Ice pops ni liquid form lo manufacture inka distribute chestaru. Dinini sell cheyyadaniki, freezer avasaram lekunda, konna vallu freeze chesi aa ice pops ni enjoy cheyochu.

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From the 66,000 applications that came in, 187 got short-listed and only 60 companies got funded. So, the success rate was only 0.1 per cent. But, skippi pops got through it all and got a great deal of investment and mentorship from the successful sharks on the show.

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Last year August lo Shark Tank kosam apply chesi, almost 4 rounds ni cross chesaka Mumbai velladaniki qualify aiyyaru. But, stage paiki velli, racha chesesaru. Shark tank India history loone first time, andaru 5 sharks kalisi oka “All sharks deal” chesaru. Infact, aroju panel lo leeni, Lenskart CEO Piyush Bansal kuda tarvata villani approach aiyyi, company lo invest chesaru.

Watch Skippi Ice Pops Full HD Video Clips on SonyLIV

Last year pandemic lo 11 lakh loss lo unna ee company, Shark Tank lo 10 million deal chesi, ippudu celebrities aipoyaaru. But they do know that with great power comes great responsibility.

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