This Unique “Share A Meal” Concept By Two Hyderabadi Youngsters Is Eradicating Hunger One Meal At A Time!


We live in a world where mobile data is cheaper than a pack of meal. Even in a world where we reached Mars and moon, we still see huger deaths right where we live. Moved by this state of the society, a couple of teenagers joined with their friends, are working on making our society hunger-free. Meghraj Anand and Dheeraj Kolla of Hyderabad, are proving that you don’t need an NGO or huge funds if you set to make the world a better place.

Artists by profession, they have always been inclined towards social service. Inspired by their friend, Mr. Azhar Maqsusi, who has been feeding the poor for more than 3 years, Meghraj and Dheeraj set up an individual project called Share-a-Meal.

They started off doing what they can do by feeding a single person per day. According to them, hunger is a serious problem and we are all responsible for that. It’s an individual project and they take this forward on their own without anyone’s support. They cook meal and share it with a single person each a day. This share a meal project has been successfully running from more than 150 days. And they are content with the service they’ve been doing till now.

The thought behind share a meal is the intention that food is something that should be freely available to all regardless of their financial status. This inspiration comes from our ancient Bhandara’s and Gurudwara’s where food is available for free to anyone that comes there hungry.

In the time where, compassion and empathy are rarely seen, these people who are putting huge efforts must surely be appreciated. We find a lot of NGO’s working on this cause. Yet, we find hunger still prevailing. Change will only possible if we as an individual realise our social responsibilities and not push this work onto others.

We should learn to support and work our length without depending on funds and external resources. These youngsters can be taken as an inspiration to the people who are dedicating themselves to the service of the poor.


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