11 Things That TV Channels Should Start & Stop Doing


Contributed By Mohana Aluru


Telugu Channels lo unnavi 4 main entertainment channels, vati extended movie channels, and 2 music channels inka konni news channels. Migilina channels anni correct ga ne name ki tagattu movies aitey movies vestunnayi, news aitey news ey telecast avtayi and music channels ante songs ey unayi. But ee mainstream channels matram entertainment ani emo kastalu padi emo chestunnaru. Manam choostunnam kada? Manam choodatle time pass avvaka choodalsi vastundi. Oka channel edo start cheste anni channels ave follow avtunnayi. The channels should definitely remodel themselves. Remodel ante logo marchadam kadu. They need to stop some shows and following some format and start to show some serious strong content.


What to stop:
1. The serials of same format:
Starting lo anni vere laga edo kotha concept ani choopistaru. Heroine ki goals unayi or else chala innocent ani ala start avtayi. Sare edo kotha ga undi kada ani chooste last ki adey atha kodallu, adey dramatic dialogues. Why don’t they speak normally?

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2. Portrayal of the characters in the serials:
Normal ga oka person ni vallu manchi vallu aa ani behavior tho decide chestaru. Kani serials this generation serial has some other way to show the good and bad behavioral characters.
– If you are a heroine, you need to wear traditional outfits.
– If you are a villain, you need to be fashionable.
Why? oka person ni dress sense tho judge cheyoddu anna times lo ala enduku categorize chestunnaru. Just stop those melo dramatic cry baby and angry baby charecterizations.

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3. That so called comedy:
Comedy shows are surely introducing many new talents to the industry. But comedy ki matram akada kurchunna judges and anchor ki tappa evariki navvu radu. They really try too hard to generate comedy. Please try to understand that commenting or shaming somebody doesn’t always evoke laughs.

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4. Making the issue of an issue:
Drama create cheyadaniki serials unayi. Problem ani edaina vaste just try to solve them. Anthe kani akada kuda vallu edchi danni oka melodrama laga chesi last ki oka psychriastist oka lawyer ni consult cheyamni chepadam is not a solution. Valla problems mana trp kosam peddaga cheyoddu.

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5. Reality shows which are far away from the reality:
Veeti anniti nundi different untundi konchem relief untundi ani reality shows chooste avi kuda anthe. Oka contestant, aa contestant ki oka pedda problem, judges shock sometimes even cries too. Apudu aa judges lo okallu meeku help chestam antaru. Tarvata anchor aa problem ni inka 2 3 times chepi aa contestant ni great antaru. Migilina vallu andaru standing ovation istaru. Main point: ee process mottam avtunnapudu oka manchi emotional bgm or song background lo run avtu untundi. same ikada kuda valla problems tappu anatledu. Infact ala vachevallu andaru kastapade vastaru. But the channels are taking the advantage of those problems.

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Ivi don’ts. Let’s see what can they start:
What to start:
There are several aspects that the channels do not focusing. Here are few which they need to give a try:


6. To start a program which focuses on mental health issues:
Television ki edaina spread chese capacity undi. As mental health awareness is very less, oka awareness ki ela untundi types enti ela relieve avail ani explain cheyali.


7. Inspirational speeches:


8. Talking about movies:

No. it’s not interviewing about the movies. There are some master pieces. So there can be a revisiting those master pieces and aa director view lo movie gurinchi express cheyadam. And 24 crafts gurinchi detailing iyyadam.


9. History, Ethics, Epics:
Mana history gurinchi evariki ekkuva ga teledu. They can do a show which describes our history, emperors, ruers and the origin of the world.


10. Sensible and healthy humored sitcoms:


Ivi anni workout avvadaniki chala time pattochu. Endukante viewers ni ala dramatic shows ki alavatu chesau. So if they can change these may be ipudu aina mella ga new television lo kuda new concepts ni encourage chesatru.


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