11 Telugu Movie Sequels That Nobody Asked For


Telugu films lo konni sequels untai.. Avi chudagane mana reaction, ‘Reyy, Machaa.. Entra idhi..’. Here’s a list of such epic kalaakaandalu. Have a look.

Disclaimer: Don’t dare to watch these movies. Meeku emanna aithe I hold no responsibility.


1. A Film by Aravind 2, 2013

Edhaina cinema hit aithe em cheyali… Urgent ga remake cheseyali..


2. Kick 2, 2015

I never thought I’d hate a sequel so much. Kick is a special film that has beautiful rewatching factor. But with this sequel, Ah kick DOBBINDI.


3. Sardar Gabbarsingh, 2016

OK.. Naakem telidhu. Nannem adagodhu.


4. Nagavalli, 2010

Ah LakaLakaLaka… lenappudu nen guess cheyalsindhi, I did a mistake.


5. Money Money More Money, 2011

We’re sorry Khan Dada.


6. Mantra 2, 2015

Anukokunda Oka Roju, Mantra ane 2 thrillers hit ayyayi ani cheppi.. Mantra 2 teesaru kadha raaawww..


7. Vennela 1.5, 2012

Why Kaaka, Why ?


8. Satya 2, 2013

RGV fans silently crying in the corner. How can someone ruin his own franchise !


9. Avunu 2, 2015

Avunu 1 directed by Ravi Babu.
Avunu 2 is directed by Gooodu Raaju from SVSC.


10. Manmadhudu 2, 2019

He h̶a̶t̶e̶s̶ loves women. WTF ?


11. Aithe 2.0, 2018

God will never forgive the people who’ve made a terrible film and named it as ‘Aithe 2.0’. Sorry Yeleti, gaaru.


Which of these films was your most traumatic experience? Do let us know in the comments below.


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