Times When We Self Quarantined Ourselves Before Corona But Didn’t Realize


Contributed By Sindhu Murthy


There are times in our lives we went through without realizing a few things that we might later notice in our lives and feel happy or sad or cringe about it.. So here are a few times that we have self-isolated ourselves and realized or might realize after reading this post..!!


1. Bad haircut..?‍♀️

Be it for boys or girls.. if we have a bad haircut.. we avoid looking at ourselves in the mirror and going out and showing ourselves to the world is only possible when pigs fly..!!


2. Grooming(Strictly for girls)..?‍♀️

What do we do with all our dresses, tank tops and those really cool shorts or the ethnic wear when we are not properly groomed..!! Main reason to stay at home with all the doors closed..!!


3. Results time..!!?

Okay.. now this is the worst… imagine your results are out and they’re bad and you have all phone calls and messages coming from your relatives suddenly out of nowhere..and your neighbours asking you about your scores..!! Annoying right..!!


4. 25 and Single ?

Can this get any worse..!! At this time you will try and avoid almost all family gatherings, functions and mainly this gets more irritating when your friends are married and you are not..!! And if you accidentally happen to go to any functions filled with all of your welcoming, warm and kind-hearted relatives… you either get a rishta or else a migraine..


5. When we have “nothing to wear”?

Well the heading speaks for itself.. we all have a lot to wear but right when we decide to attend any functions.. our wardrobe magically vanishes..!!


6. 25 and jobless?

“5 minutes of silence” that’s all..!!


7. Relatives are at home..!!?

This is the time when you try hard to not come out of your room and you’ll be thinking of the ways to just escape from their sight and while all of this is going on in your head.. there will be our parents who have already brought you out of the room and you are there being lectured about your wake up timings your results and about the formation and evolution of the solar system..!!


All these are what I have noticed.. if I have missed any.. please let me know..!! Happy “self isolation..”!!?


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