Self Help Books For Beginners: Here Are 12 Books To Read In Your Life For Personality Development

Manaki unna busy life lo kaastha refresh avvali antey manam chesevi music vinadam leda books chadavadam. Inka chala ne cheyochu.. meditation, drawing etc kaani manaki ee prapancham tho ne sambandham lekunda chesevi books & music. Mari elanti books chadivithe manam refresh avutham, danitho paatu personality ela develop cheskovali, ilanti chala vishayalu books chadavadam valla nerchukovachu.

Mari ippudu nenu miku konni self help books beginners ki suggest cheyabothunnanu avento chudham padhandi.

1. The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind:

2. Think And Grow Rich:

3.Attitude Is everything:

4.The Subtle Art Of Not Giving F***:

5.Atomic Habits:

6. Deep Work:

7. The Alchemist:

8.The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari:

9.The Psychology Of Money:

10.The Richest Man In Babylon:

11.How To Win Friends & Influence People:

12.Rich Dad Poor Dad:

“Okkasari book reading alavatu ayithey , there’s no going back” .

Book reading valla chala advantages unnayi. Manaki manchi knowledge tho paatu, analytical skills peruguthayi. It also improves our critical thinking. Mind ki manchi exercise avthundhi. You will find answers to many problems. It also gives good sleep. Manalo thought process ni penchuthundhi.

Mukyanga, it will transform you into a better personality. Ila okati kadhu rendu kadhu, books chadavadam valla aneka labhalu unnayi. Inkenduku late ventane e-books download chesi, ledha online lo order pettesi chadiveyandi. Paina ichina list lo unna books ni try cheyandi. Alage mee favorite book ento kindha comment cheyandi..

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