9 Beautiful Places In India That Offer You Best Scuba Diving Experience!


Its just March.. And the summer is almost here. The temperatures are already touching 40 degrees. All we need is some good place to relax. It should be refreshing and adventurous as well. Just imagine watching a group of fisher swimming in front of your eyes. Imagine you are witnessing those colorful corals and fishes face to face. It’s not something we see everyday. It’s once in a life experience one can have. It’s not going to flash in front of your window like the sun, it’s not going to cover your universe like the stars. It’s not going to come easily to you; it’s going to require efforts from your side. You’ll have to challenge yourself and take a dive deeper into the seas, into your own being, to rediscover a new world, that is nothing less than a wonder. ‘Scuba Diving’ – A life time experience in the deep waters. There are lot of scuba diving spots in coastal India which are rich in aqua heritage.
Here are some of those spots which will surely give you an awesome experience.

1. Grand Island, Goa – Goa, all we know about it is beaches, parties, alochol.. But thats not it. There is much more that is gone unexplored, especially water adventures. The Grand Island is a popular destination for adventure junkies all over the world. Jetty (Grande island), Grande banks, Bounty bay (Grande Island), Davy jones, Shelter cove, Turbo tunnel, Suzy’s Wrek, Uma gum reef and Sail Rock are notable dive sites in Goa.


2. Netrani Island, Murudeshwar-Netrani Island, also known as Pigeon Island, is a beautiful diving spot, shaped in the form of a heart. That is why it is fondly known as “The heart of India’s diving”. This coral island has a coral reef with varieties of corals, butterfly fish, parrot fish, eels and shrimps. We can also have a glance of whales and orcas, if we are lucky enough.


3. The Wall, Havelock Island, Andaman-Needless to Andaman is one of the beautiful creation of God. Located in between Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, Andaman has one of the most amazing and rich diving spots. Havelock Island is one of the them. The island has a wide range of exotic marine life like Humpback Parrot fish, Lion fish, soft corals, rare dugongs and schools of colorful fishes.


4. Neil Island, Andaman– Neil Islands is another part of Andaman which is just as beautiful albeit with less hustle and bustle that surrounds the Havelock islands. It is a tiny island but a really beautiful one with its yet unexplored beaches, great scuba diving spots. The coral reef here is quite untouched by external factors and hence retains its beauty owing to the rich variety of marine life.


5. Princess Royal, Bangaram, Lakshadweep– Lakshadweep is one island of Indian subcontinent, which is rich in aquatic heritage. Bangaram is one of the popular dive spots and offers a delightful experience with the coral reefs and with different species.


6. Kovalam, Kerala– Kovalam is slowly gaining popularity now a days. A beach area mainly, it is slowly developing into a popular scuba diving locale since the Bond Safari Kovalam has come there. Instead of using the traditional scuba gear, the company makes use of what is known as ‘bond’ submarine, which is basically an underwater scooter. Moreover the waters here are really calm, with shoals of anchovy and silver moony, Bluefin trevaly, the odd Moray eel, puffer fish, groupers, box fish, sergeants, pipe fish etc.


7. Aravind’s Wall, Pondicherry-Away from the clamour of Chennai, the French Quarters of Pondicherry kiss the shores, while the fascinating Tamil Quarters impregnate structures of a distinct architectural style. Pondicherry is coated with layers of pertinent living, brushed with strokes of human history. Pondicherry is many things in one – it’s chilled-out, it broods history, it’s beautifully under-quoted by virgin beaches, that are a sanctum to a whole new marine life. One can see a number of different and unique sea creatures like lion fish, butterfly fish and also a variety of sea snakes. If one is lucky, one can also see the Honeycomb Moray Eel in the Wall.


8. The Hole, Pondicherry-The hole is one of those places where only the hardcore scuba diving enthusiasts would dare going. To start with, the depth is almost 30m in the central area that is almost twice as deep as the other diving sites, the there is the spooky darkness taking care of which one has got to take a torch or some lighting equipment with them. So if you are one of those fearless advanced divers, this place is a haven for you. One might even spot some rare unknown creature.


9. Visakhapatnam – Scuba Diving in Vizag is fast emerging as one of the country’s premier destinations for the activity. Enthusiasts, both swimmers, and non-swimmers can enjoy this wreck, present at a depth of 7m from the sea surface. Clear view of the beautiful aquatic life and an unparalleled serene underwater feel are the other features that the scuba divers stand to experience.


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