This 9-year old from Nizamabad did what none of us would bother to!

So what do we do when we see a badly functioning scheme or a failed administrative system? We sigh, complain about the nation being corrupted and go back to reading the latest scoop on Page 3.

Food for thought, it’s amazing how we never thought a simple task that a 9-year-old could achieve, we never could.

He’s 9-year-old Manoj, from Nizamabad district in Telangana instead of being dejected about the scholarships that they were promised and never received, went ahead and filed an RTI.


He asked the Labour Welfare department to explain why the scholarship of Rs. 1000 was not sent to the 15 claimants and if they were going to be sent, when they would receive it. He also requests them to state the reasons if they do not plan to send the scholarship amounts.

Here’s the handwritten RTI application that little Manoj sent asking for what he rightfully deserved.


Oh, and he received a response from the Labour Department promptly too! Here’s what they had to say.



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