This Information About Reservation Tickets From MGBS Can Save You From Expensive Cabs!


Contributed by Rohit Yadav


There is no doubt that every one of us who is in Hyderabad is irritated due to the scorching temperatures and discussing an itinerary for summer vacation, aren’t you? In case you’re planning to reserve tickets at MGBS, (both for arrival or departure) this one’s for you.



Have you ever read the instructions on your reservation ticket carefully? In case you’re a frequent traveller from MGBS, you might have noticed this:


Did you ever question someone about the facility to travel free in Hyderabad local buses? Despite showing these instructions on reservation ticket, local bus conductors in city buses insist on taking ticket, don’t they? I too had a similar kind of experience with the conductors.


I noticed the need for a change and filed an RTI which queried The Public Information Officer (Personnel Officer Office of the Regional Manager), Hyderabad Region, MGBS. Application under RTI Act was applied on dt.08.04.2017 and it reached the Office on 12.04.2017.Information sought hereunder:


a) What does ‘Free travel in city buses (include A/C buses) before 2Hrs. of departure time and after 2Hrs. of arrival time is allowed.’ mentioned on Reservation Tickets really mean?


b) Are you Accountable for its implementation on full basis?


c) Why are the City Bus Drivers refusing to accept it and insisting on taking ticket?



With reference to the application under RTI Act, the following is furnished here under:


Item No.a: The passengers who travel 250 Kms and above are provided free travel facility in city buses (excluding AC buses) of TSRTC on reservation tickets before 2 hours from the departure time mentioned on the reservation ticket to reach bus station and after 2 hours to reach their destination. The passengers who reserves tickets in AC buses and travel above 250 Kms are provided free travel facility in city AC buses.


Item No.b: The Corporation is trying its level best for implementation.


Item No.c: All the city buses are provided with conductors. They will allow the passengers to travel free in city buses. The question is not arise city bus driver is refusing.


It’s need of the hour to make everyone aware of this facility during summer where the cab services are charging insane amounts of money by taking advantage of the temperatures. Let’s try to reduce money spent on Cabs, spread the Information and make use of the facility.

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