Samantha Has A Savage Reply To Trolls Who Told Her What To Wear


Celebrities have the toughest life when it comes to social media. Whatever they do is watched and judged by millions of people across the internet. And we know how social media is, everyone has ‘opinions’.

We also know what a cool woman Samantha is. And how active she’s on social media. She often posts cool stuff on Instagram.

Recently, she was on a vacation along with her husband. And has uploaded a few vacation pictures online.


And guess what, trolls had a ‘problem’ with what she’s wearing , especially after marriage). (Why, Da?)

This lady had a problem with the ‘repuation’ of Akkineni family.

Its surprising that half the comments are from women..

This gentleman thinks it ‘downs’ her respect

Basically, they’re telling her what to wear and what not to..

Oh, But why?

You see the problem here?



See, how trolls on internet are free with their lives and are ready to give out free and unasked opinions. And these are just a very few comments that are lesser offensive. There are way more derogatory comments on the post.

So Samantha gave it back to the trolls in the most savage way.


Its 2018. People need to realize, no one has the right to decide what one should wear. How many more years does it take to for trolls to understand this very small and essential thing!?

Actress Vidyu Raman, who’s a good friend of Samantha shared something that is on point, and something that these trolls should understand


Samantha is one of the most successful and hardworking women in the industry now. She has proved yet again that women after marriage can do whatever they want, it doesn’t stop you in any ways.

More power to you, Samantha. You Go Girl.


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