You’ll Be Surprised After Seeing The Amazing Works Of Veteran Actress Saritha Garu As A Voice Artist

Oka cinema lo oka character audience reach avvalante, Aa character ni evaru chesthunnaro anedi entha importanto aa character cheppe dialogue delivery kuda anthe important. So, Voice artist anedi one of the most important crafts in every movie… Just aa voice tho aa role ni next level ki teeskellina voice artist lu entho mandhi unnaru. Andhulo Lady voice artistsla lo Saritha garu chaala special. Enno movies lo strong woman characters ni tana voice tho purthi justification ichaaru saritha gaaru. Aame amazing works gurinchi discuss cheseina oka twitter thread idi. Compiled by @Dr Kiran Kumar Karlapu

Telugu folk might always remember her for her unforgettable role in Maro Charitra, the eternal love story from K Balachander. Remember her as the villain in Mahesh Babu’s Arjun? this tweet series is on something else. Saritha is more known for her voice offscreen than her presence on screen. In her career spanning several decades, she has lent her voice to so many actresses in the Telugu movie industry which have left all us in awe. The list in just unbelievable.

1. Radha – Subhalagnam
Remember Aamani from Subhalagnam? The money hungry housewife with her wisecracking and constant insults, finally ends up “selling” her husband to Roja. Who do you think voiced this character to perfection? Saritha

2. Neelambari – Narasimha
Remember Ramya Krishna, as Neelambari in Narasimha? The arrogant antagonist consumed by her infatuation with Rajnikant which morphs finally into an all consuming fire? Who voiced her? Saritha

3. Sandhya – Padamati Sandhya Ragam
Remember Vijayasanthi from Padamati Sandhya Ragam? The young Telugu belle who falls in love with an American in this cross country/cross cultural romance. The voice behind this innocence. Saritha.

4. Vyjayanthi – Kartavyam
Remember Vijaya Shanti as Inspector Vyjayanthi in Kartavyam now? The intense role that won a National Film Award for Vijaya Shanti. Who was the voice behind that anger ? Saritha.

5. Jwala – Chantabbai
Remember Suhasini as Miss Jwala from Chantabbai? The confused working woman who gets caught in the middle of a murder in this comic caper. Who is the voice behind her hesitance and confusion? Saritha.

6. Mayuri – Mayuri
Remember Mayuri Chandran from Mayuri? The role which immortalised her in this epic struggle against a physical handicap. Who is the voice behind that pain and success? Saritha.

7. Uma devi – Gharana Mogudu
Remember Nagma from Gharana Mogudu? The arrogant businesswoman who matches word to word, and sometimes dominates Chiranjeevi also. Who is the strength behind that arrogance? Saritha.

8. Bhanu – Anthahpuram
Remember Soundarya from Anthapuram? The city girl who gets sucked into the power plays of local feudal politics, terrorised in madness by the violence she witnesses. The voice behind the hysterical Nandi award winning performance? Saritha.

9. Bhavani – Ammoru
Remember Soundarya as Bhavani from Ammoru? The pious devotee of the local goddess who is crushed in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil. The devotion in her voice? Its Saritha.

10. Shanthi – Sakhi

Remember Shalini from Sakhi. The gentle hesitance in her tone as she weaves romance, longing and separation with her few words. Who is the voice behind this immortal character? Saritha.

11. Hema – Aapadbandhavudu
Remember Meenakshi Seshadri from Aapadbandhavudu? The protagonist who struggles with the worst hell in the world. Who gave the pain behind this voice? Saritha.

12. Madhu – Anaganaga Oka Roju
Remember Urmila and her conversations in Anaganaga Oka Roju? The vivacious character, full of energy and zest made her a household name. The voice behind this beauty? Saritha.

13. Uma – Samsaram Oka Chadarangam
Remember Suhasini from Samsaram Oka Chadarangam? The heart of gold daughter in law trying her best to save her family from splitting up? The voice here is of Saritha.

14. Jhansi – Stalin
Remember Khusbhu from Stalin? The elder sister who holds her own against the Megastar in this movie? The voice of reason her is actually Saritha.

15. Divya – Prema Desam
Remember Tabu from Prema Desam? The heroine caught between two lovers. Tabu’s beauty is matched only by her voice. The voice? Saritha.

16. Janaki – Bhamane Satyabhamane
Remember Meena from Bhamane Satyabhamane? The spoilt, immature lady who divorces Kamal Hasaan. The amazing tenor of her voice sets the entire movie into motion. And the voice here? Saritha.

17. Sunanda – Attarintik Daaredi
Remember Nadiya as Sunanda Shekhar from Attarintiki Daaredi? The strong self made woman who prefers to break rather than bend. The powerful acting of Nadiya is all because of her voice. Here again we have Saritha

I could go on. The list is endless. In a career spanning almost 4 decades, Saritha has been the unknown force behind these protagonists. We remember each of these characters for the way they spoke, laughed, cried and fought. Its all Saritha, all along.

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