10 Types Of Sarees From Our Land That Will Bring Out The Teluginti Aadapilla In You!

Now for a Teluginti Aadapilla, what dress would add to her beauty but traditional attire? And if that were to be done impeccably by handlooms from our own land, then wouldn’t that be a feast for our eyes?! Try out these sarees from around the two Telugu States!

Pochampally sarees: From Pochampalli village of Nalgonda district, are popular for their geometric designs made with the Ikat technique. Guess what!? Do you know what Aishwarya Rai wore on her wedding?? A Pochampalli Saree!
Pochampalli Chai Bisket
Narayanpet sarees: Hailing from Mahbubnagar, they have a very distinct design; they mostly have a checkered surface and are known for looking extremely traditional in design. So if you want to flaunt the traditional side in you then this is the one.
Narayanpet Chai Bisket
Gadwal sarees: Popular around the world, Gadwal sarees hail from the Gadwa l village of Mahbubnagar district. These beauties are 5.5 metres and can be folded to fit in a matchbox! Timeless indeed!
Gadwal Chai Bisket
Mangalgiri sarees: 13 kms away from Vijaywada, Mangalagiri is famous for its vibrant cottons with gold or copper threadwork on it.These can be very versatile, and if you have a flair for designing, then get it woven the way you want it.
mangalagiri chai bisket
Dharmavaram sarees: This type, made in Dharmavaram of Anantapuram District, is basically one that any woman would love to wear. Bright and majestic, Dharamavaram sarees can cost as much as a lakh; perfect for a bride!
dharmavaram ChaiBisket
Uppada sarees: From the beach town of East Godavari,Uppada pattu are known for their unique designs and contrasting colors. Another favourite for grand occasions.
Uppada Chai Bisket
Venkatagiri sarees: Venkatagiri is a small town in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. They make sarees in both cotton and silk. They’re known for being sober and comfortable. Less flashy for those who like it low.
Venkatagiri chai bisket
Kalamkari: Kalamkari comes from both Machilipatnam and Srikalahasti styles. Pretty much the fad with casual sarees now. Pair it with a terracotta set and steal hearts.
Kalamkari Chai Bisket
Ponduru Khadi: Also, an incredibly classy and elegant type of saree from Srikakulam District. Bring out the patriot in you while looking as awesome as can be.
Ponduru Khadi Chai Bisket
Ahimsa Silk: If you are all for ahimsa and animal rights, then this is the one for you. These silks are made without killing the silkworms in their cocoons. Kusuma Rajaiah from Hyderabad innovated this new technique to save the silkworms and its awesome! Also they look pretty fab!
Ahimsa SilkChai Bisket
Rock those sarees now, ladies!

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